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Tatting - Covering a Ring  See details »

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  • 00:00: to cover a ring with tatting I've got a shuttle that's wound but left it up to the ball so he can continue tatting around your ring once you're finished covering it place your ring on top of the thread pull the loop through it pass your shuttle through it tighten then you want this loop to pop to the back so you want to pull a bit on this this thread
  • 00:31: the first one is it harder to see but you'll see once I continue pass you should as well through it again and tighten if your first double stitch completed now you don't need this thread anymore thread on the left you just need a thread that's on the shuttle to continue I'm holding between my thumb and middle finger wrap the thread around your index bring it back and behind your ring again pull the loop through as you
  • 01:03: shuttle through it tighten talked on the index finger to make the loop pop to the back and you can let go of the index that tightens the first half while I pull with my shuttle on the loop that's my shuttle through it tighten you can tighten separately if you like this is the first leg here I'm pulling it in the second leg or the second half of the
  • 01:33: double stitch it's Tuesday just completed again wrap around the index finger from the front of the back bring the thread behind the ring pull the loop through pass you should go through it tighten drop on your index finger to make the loop pop to the back pass your shuttle through it and then
  • 02:03: tighten pass you should start in the second half - there's three stitches around the ring again around the index behind the ring pull the loop through tighten thank you pop to the back pass your shuttle through it once you let go of
  • 02:33: the index you can either tighten separately by pulling on each or touching in one go whichever you find easiest just to a couple now without talking carry them all the way around your ring
  • 03:26: and then once you get back at the beginning you see that you still have your ball thread attached so you can carry on cutting