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The book lodge for Dasha 9 years (Saratov, the Saratov Region)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello with you again Elena archer in this video I represent review of the game book house she do not cover the cover form of such a handbag a binder like a book with removable pages it booklet is intended for girls dashi her name on the back is cover embroidered with felt she was 9 years old and go this booklet window to the city Saratov 63 readers of the book 23 s half
  • 00:31: 23 centimeters and cover how often in books houses do it such is the facade of the house bell on the door such a large handle Feet doors curtain roof and Here is such a cuckoo before the house we have sits pens in order to be convenient wear like a shoulder and in the pen it closes on such are the straps with
  • 01:01: protective soft Velcro for which we we can prickly consolidate the parties Velcro will not be be afraid that some cords for example these or the elements in clothes girls can some tightening can stay here at first page with us chrysalis content similar
  • 01:31: previous book new doll in this time here is such blonde babe once pets such cribs blanket bought off cushion with sintepon she bends and she form a doll's pocket it is free is placed hide also with us there are such curtains for the night we will allow a window for that revo him the curtains very beautiful such a print pleasant for the day can steam out
  • 02:01: the window fixed curtains with laces the window itself in the form pocket with a transparent such plastic can behind the glass and there different types of from the window cut it can do dashenka and to diversify the species from windows for dolls and now fix for the temple also in our bedroom there is bed mat
  • 02:32: Here is one too felt lukewarm the dolphin could get up from the bed get warm mat next room us and the dressing room large wardrobe with three-dimensional handles sewn with rhinestones and there are outfits for the doll all seasons on series are similar to those which is used this format dolls but for dasha in this
  • 03:04: video anyway I'll show all the outfits so that she looked what there is what clothes exactly in her books so here such here is winter knickers warm clothes like this we have such here autumn can be said
  • 03:34: raincoat autumn-spring rubber boots there is here such here you can also pay say spring and shoes are old or domestic is paid here such
  • 04:05: Here's the yellow positive and all outfits to cabinets are attached on the sticky tape there are three Velcro different lengths all outfits are placed next page this is our bathroom in bathroom has a basket for linen for example you can is paid there folded chrysalis because bath tub form in the pockets of Velcro attached shower
  • 04:35: can you doll you can atone dial the bathroom there is a switch and hot and cold water pushers are sewn there is a pot for pupae made of felt also a basket like me already said you can linen download washing machine she also shaped a pocket as usual I do volumetric switches buttons a gel for washing can be Pour gel to include
  • 05:05: some kind of program and We will have clothes erase when washed it is possible hang it dry there are three clothespins decorative small ones can be here add yes sasha a lot of clothespins how much does not fit be sure decorative even household usual too will fit here and if such is a towel soft fluffy can a pupa then you can wipe it off roll in
  • 05:35: towel wipe his drivers while paid I borrow we will go to next page and cloth can be hang it here can also be washed Now fold in the basket so here's the next one this page is with us such a game there is a room here sofa specially I did this here wreaths to a chrysalis could be filled sit on the sofa in her there is a toy here
  • 06:05: such here such here bear cub is available here and to put at me still have a girlfriend he still court was like this here's a doll they are very similar can be girlfriend can be little sister is gone already Velcro and here is a removable such a beautiful dress figures from them are identical for example, orders can be swap them fit both
  • 06:37: pupae are allowed you can change it here one of them will be sit on the couch with a toy can a sofa to read velvet book we have this here book page can there be something even write draw there is such a soft soft mat fleece for games there is Velcro still bunny toy and me puppy pet of our doll our girls can
  • 07:07: both fill up here they can sit down on rug play puppy play puppy I will take also further I will show that we have for he is on following pages here we have the last page kitchen and living room or dining pupa may be able to sit down the table is so big the table is both good are placed in the kitchen
  • 07:38: first I will tell that there is a refrigerator already so familiar you can say fridge products as it is we made the puppsies Here's a bottle just in case may be useful the game even has watermelon all products which are removable on Velcro they can attach to the table on its surface also has a velcro hung up to eat salad is a
  • 08:09: little muffin many products such realistic drawn inside fridge and muffin great is he in oven the oven here such a form pocket 3 the switch he, too, with Velcro could also be able to the table is attached there is also a kettle and pots they are also on Velcro here keep all the canteens appliances and utensils
  • 08:40: products here on Velcro we attach it is possible a teapot to pour tea pupa can be got some goodies They have to shake also the forks and spoon such tiny details they are fastened all on Velcro can be salad let's feed chrysalis so that I will not pull take me here attached there are also two
  • 09:11: pet is a puppy and kitten they are also here Velcro fasten you can play them in the game take on rug play on Velcro also there put on velcro and everyone has their own a bowl of a miss puppy cash register such a bone the form of pocket and at Miss kassu kitten such here on such here fish is also here in bowl is everything is stored as well there is a flower
  • 09:42: pot with such sewn beautiful iridescent flowers and how usually it's all for decorated mesh bottle I also did in order so that you can chicken to sleep it is admissible With the sweat of the crib redeem if close the chrysalis as small pupsy can do take evening toilet can be say swim
  • 10:12: a second to swim and lay down to sleep a bottle so here such an interesting book bag I hope she goes further like it but where with pleasure with it play and take with you the road is coming season vacations and such a toy can well
  • 10:44: take a child and ways in transport thank you all for attention bye