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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you ala run ahead a lot work so I I continue to replenish Its reserves ordered materials for needlework on the Internet store tape and décor my subscribers are already know that this is my favorite shop those who hear about it for the first time under the video in descriptions will be found link to it but to whom
  • 00:30: I wonder what ordered look with me let's start eating waybill on which you can verify order begin with nice you gift from the store that's such odessa. oh what a beauty
  • 01:03: see the Vendian with drawing is not always beautiful and very clear pattern bright saturated colors here such a tape in peas on even peas baubles in general Thank you so much shop for a gift next look ordered these clip crocodiles they there are different lengths noiselessly
  • 01:48: flower helluva lot of fojmirana well and further went to the middle, I want separately
  • 03:05: note these in the middle they so realistic that their really want to to eat that's all my purchase
  • 05:05: dear friends to me had to work with many shops personally for me a ribbon decor remains on first place in all criteria by level services for quality of materials this is no advertising personally my opinion is I very fond of this store if some kind of creative crisis I come to their site here same mass of ideas you want create oneself and their girls but to whom my review put like subscribe to channel and up to new meetings until