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  • 00:00: Good day with you on tatyan relations Zhuravskaya and today I want to you share their own hand-made new things happened to me on this I do not care divided into 3 groups this material and technical signs and for molding a ball to love Cuba plastics and show that it acquired let's get started material for modeling
  • 00:30: still acquired
  • 01:02: finally an extruder exactly the one that I I wanted this here a pen extrude plastic from extruders which are simply forms syringe and subsequently these are statically impossible that
  • 01:32: terribly ill hands and what do you press here at the expense of such is the tape you very cool than not sold saw in on terr classes wearied 2 cool doubts there back glasses to different seeds his sausages queue so here's the gizmo this is also in
  • 02:02: principle for conical products silicone mold I want press brand such flags of their own tona and I will be them everywhere use on photos in design page that is, I do not have there will be such a tic my I told you a secret was equal to it will look and Here too , and so cool thing took she generally too
  • 02:32: created for confectionery for cookies of all kinds inscriptions I will push through do this thing also on such colors with seals to their toys of type by handles such do from plastic, again her own brandname and titles I will choose install plastic to be such my brand business cards plastic such cool stuff links I will win
  • 03:02: collapsed to someone I wonder where I took usually there is a pair shoes show you ka I chose the following the next and purchase is scissors and tray for cars who has not seen my review on scissors look my long discussed purpose is such scissors and decided to acquire as many advise them
  • 03:33: for trimming threads I've already tried them out really thing very cool once michiko circumcised the track will not be very convenient when sewing sometimes cut the strings this items inserting the fingers there holes ordinary scissors took from the table chip cut off families now it will be such where in tools are very I liked this here is a typewriter's foot despite the fact that I
  • 04:06: to our colleagues transparent varnish and I'm through nothing I see so I bought such a paw of which generally in the middle of everything costa and nothing prevents the review here visible line carve out and it is perfectly possible to pierce and already grass and in the day I think that everything will be cool everything will be seen and it is convenient here from the tap that is, if you can do not put patterns to sew such a cool paw treats my life and what
  • 04:37: concerns the material I got the color cinnamon color what the book gift Leonardo certificate
  • 05:09: it was necessary only foot, but since certificate a certain amount in this amount should be pick up something of course it's foot there was not much less certificate itself years so programs this is the beginning of their heels. for such as a sow Russian girls or for sale are
  • 05:40: I took their tape on aliexpress store took the first times enough a large number of the price that indicates the way he which rallied hoteliers remember coincided with the fact that I saw on the monitor interestingly interesting and generally such thanks to the factory for a very long time
  • 06:11: looks at the toy 1 milk this color lenka Russian blue fun in this at We will be use on today it is all that I have acquired but I'm immensely happy you are front of work for me have something to do there is also a must all these materials forest entrance scissors already let it all out worked paw have not tried it yet because just above I am afraid of nothing now
  • 06:41: draw is mandatory soon use of and other material also the entrance of the people which is expanded or late you see it I tell you for attention with you was this project trend or for kids while bye