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Coffee from Torrefacto \ud83c\udf75 was PLAYED! We congratulate the winner!  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone this is another kitchen project with by you I am Valeria today a wonderful day today we will play this wonderful wonderful fragrance lower let a smaller set of coffee from the company rates from to and today will be the winner is the man who is all I will possess this wealth I already congratulate you in advance that this the lucky one will still be happy about this coffee long and long and I will become lovers maybe even such a person who will tell everyone about
  • 00:34: company tours factor that will tell what kind of coffee is so amazing here in order to become a winner it was necessary to fulfill several conditions they are simple elementary general here just as I do not know what it was necessary to become subscriber of our channel to put like and make a repost in any social network and write in the comments under the video with Thanksgiving tori fact I wish everyone good luck of course I want and share this coffee on all your subscribers to make everyone happy
  • 01:04: each of you tried at least cup of this amazing drink from The company of this fact but will win 1 but before many other rallies and I sure that each of you will become owner of something useful and useful tasty and pleasant start playing as usual we will use a randomizer I already uploaded a video link is displayed this is the same video in which and there was a lot of wonderful coffee from the company the tariff of the act remains to push me lucky I
  • 01:35: all I wish good luck to everyone and see look who we have won hope silo I congratulate you now the link is repost is like let's see hope justice exists hope, I wholeheartedly congratulate you you will have a wonderful coffee I will be I sure to be every morning
  • 02:07: Enjoy this wonderful fragrance and remember with a kind word and wear another kitchen and of course the company torrent facts that we are just thanking thank you we thank for this wonderful opportunity for what they are for what they are there is for the fact that they are so cool for that they are so generous for what they at all but so appreciate coffee and so with soul belongs to its work that but for it needs to be thanked in reality separately and not jelly words out hope waiting from you address home address with
  • 02:40: phone, send it here to this above this to this email address and of course, after roasting it produces once a week you get your incredibly delicious gift but all with you I say goodbye friends be sure to participate in our drawing there will be a lot of cool interesting there is already ahead of us today draw can go back and see previous video and still ahead
  • 03:10: even more interesting still all system one each I think anyway will receive as a result of the gift and that's great Valery all the best for now