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  • 00:00: Hello and good morning to all of us today. Sunday cocaine number 4 on February 4 I have my first day off on Saturday I worked it and decided to shoot you again onions work hard and the day off Now at us the beginning of the tenth I became already long time msi sleep yet and I'm going to The hairdresser signed up for a haircut and correction of the eyebrows will do now I'm going to have breakfast or go to breakfast changed such a dessert of a kind of owl
  • 00:30: girls who did not audition the egg awesome delicious sonata gold I just adore him and certainly not especially the world is useful because he has a long shelf life but just awesome in this series is there a few that's my favorite and represent the difference of cygnet if someone will decide to buy these pen costs two times more expensive than and magnet
  • 01:01: The magnet of the morning is only 35 of 7 rubles b b b b themselves sometimes very tasty and I'll have tea with this sandwich. Here he is otherwise anointed with such a paste well, how is the first cottage cheese cézanne once I act and your did not buy in shopping saw me airy curd cream he really airy so very tasty fragrant smells of sun dried tomatoes
  • 01:31: pieces can be seen and from above I added tomatoes, dried, I showed already somehow in I'm very fragrant even delicious with garlic and they added give so hard a piquancy and aroma and taste but I will not say that straight in wild ecstasy from these tomatoes I am the first time I bought well, nothing is so normal delicious guys on the snowballs, see towers but in general we have a week
  • 02:02: snowfalls and stew for today is the same spirit up to the child's absentee look at cars and in the parking lot all are seen directly drifts instead of cars and now it's snowing again I'm going 2 sit so heavy type up the hairdresser someone here is already a dream you walked
  • 02:32: generally can come with a coffin instead of a place a mouse or at us all blurts out by the way our the car too has swept up and to me already therefrom just do not leave will wait for spring and give By the way, the hairdresser's way to notice do not know how to go and see show imagine Google cool puppies I decided today
  • 03:02: try the first time walks the general deferred program left hairdresser when I put programmed to have bread from me I baked by two o'clock I come the process remains in force for two hours, that is he has already risen from me once then I came in the second now she stood the dough a second time and Now here is the exchange of her text dough and will still be approached and more precisely already
  • 03:34: probably will not be suitable, but this pitch two hours almost do not know in general we have now you will find out just a little bit Once or twice or three twisted and everything would rise go further and I cook soup today I will cook pea soup as I have in terms of costs yesterday bought a leg of smoked so I pour water over the hot wanderer here there will be to fall asleep cows and practically immediately potatoes pea soup I always
  • 04:07: varing smoked to usually like me courageous speak by tradition day off of compote I cook here at me from a frost of a plum and strawberry remnants of cream become from the year before last, because in the past plum we did not have and went with the hairdresser came into the store came to me, in fact, for the flour she it ends naturally, I could not come he still a whole hour will show the strength of the flour 2
  • 04:38: kilogram now there is a stock here on this I already buy flour good flour of superior quality 34 rubles is worth later, too, remains quite a bit at me rye flour so I bought a kilogram of rye flour for I have 24 rubles further business three oranges for 55 rubles 20 hour cucumber turkey papyroid some cheap on 80 limits know
  • 05:08: that it is not just pressure that prevents thought for a long time not to hold on to this body from only three things and meat in general was not going to buy but saw a discount how jelly on without you I want to think this I will not buy a week since I have auf supplies in a week You can but such a discount could not pass by 200 rubles 69 rubles pork where he remembers 8 hectare not 470 and for I already bought a low headlight on stock
  • 05:38: it was cool to fry very quickly outfit still usually such a medallion with glasses and not I know 10 minutes even less probably and fine meat is ready and remembered that I'm still Spices are these here these sheets with and spices in which roast cargo bought two tubes 130 rubles now she is with us also with a discount on what I want today use the new panels here in red mountain red band who does not know I'm wrong
  • 06:08: Has long got in the complete set was 3 I bought another one for tunics are enough for the Dutch and here these pies for pies and pizza written them have not yet tried you can casserole in not doing this kind of Here is a form with such panels and now I want to try to experiment I will bake a puff pastry puff I already I defrocked now I roll me humbly means somewhere 25 meters long width
  • 06:39: whom the phallus slowly paneled here now I will roughly roll out and for fillings I want to use cottage cheese here I am already brought a little cottage cheese that let's experiment together now I'm on fire with a green button then it's warmed up all right now home spread out sheets They told me the truth of drying is more like came out so nearly to the edge here big mouth now take oil I do not think the panel I think everything should
  • 07:11: it will normally turn out so now the filling so the inhabitant is covered with a second leaf that I somehow overdid it rolled out so bend now and a little bit climb up everything is closed to the brim witte climbed all the sides right now I 'll show you that's crawled out all 10 minutes have passed this 10 today
  • 07:43: but I will listen to these already me it seems everything is ready. Well, how to take out I fasten the boards Waltz is all fine and dandy so so so so all the girls i I understand that you are tired of your bread but damn well, well, how can I not show such a beauty you look it right up to top it's black by the way I have wheat-rye bread according to my own recipe which are on my channel who have not yet
  • 08:13: I tried very much I advise really at me neither it was never meant to not come up there or Something only if the yeast is bad and so that's just super look it's the most up the very top of the beauty X I cut already cooled a little bit on you can see the top layer anyway departs slightly but who will be sealed in general first pancake a little buy of course you need it seems to me that the bottom
  • 08:43: layer not baked now I'll try I will say and generally learn everything is ready skillfully crispy general super thing you need to accustom them more often then as not sleeps to try to sing with fillings be careful because the filling Now get out here in this here cottage cheese is normal but apple of course now it does not cool yet hot so cool everything is licked it is necessary you will learn tasty experiments and
  • 09:14: Although it seems kind of trouble that as not baked bottom layer not all normal than delicious and fried also crispy than healthy from cottage cheese I really liked it [music] not nearly baked and white bread want you
  • 09:51: to boast black of course I succeeded rye which until wheat-rye is so even better, you look what a whole loaf I baked egg egg bread I it was once baked but long ago this I did not use the recipe again its try though i know that he delicious bread I do not know why he did not I'm forgotten by now I will show how it is cut in section it looks like I have completely cooled down
  • 10:22: Look at what was genetically smelled than cool bread and I will soon I'll take off the recipe for it as well as the nearest time already next week because I on the weekend mostly piqued awesome bread crispy crust tender tender crumbs smell wonderful come out my husband and I take you around somewhere 8 Evenings aunt does not bring us all day
  • 10:52: all everywhere Snow service utilities work absolutely but on the roads can be still there is there is not even a pool to dig even in the footpath barely the food of the machine that night people answered arrived and I dig out I'm going now stairs tiny
  • 11:22: now here to meet there man on meeting there is ahead of my husband does not go to me do not just miss each other irradiate on how to know how fabulously straight dima houses are listed above me camera in the cold refuses to shoot all that stand as beautiful I do not know , you can not see all of you everything is done
  • 11:52: walked we walked at a walk in mine 1000 want to show came up to remove remain inside here is so empty about the angle I take off Well, you're such a transparent death can be seen is watching the people took one other scissors pulled out of the package yes they are better than the people we have comrades links . Soon after evening we walked well so an hour and a half walked though
  • 12:23: it's hard to really snow full of snow In general, I do not remember this Snow all note, but in general we have already mashed potatoes and fried which showed the cutout code from it fried such fields of medallions under the poor slightly repulsed slightly quite the fact that the meat is a book put special they will add them to dipped in egg and fried literally for 10 minutes all
  • 12:53: ready and lettuce such a cucumber tomato and cherry tomatoes Peking cabbage a little bit sweet bell pepper and dill [applause] this