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  • 00:00: hello friends perry channel hunter lover of today the issue will be devoted to directly jump to the container I I will tell you about that for initially designed this wad container for what should be attention when choosing container for cartridges and what difficulties problems can encounter a hunter when equipping their cartridges are such here is the genre containers well then a bit of prehistory
  • 00:31: originally wiry container was created to to improve accuracy of hits that is, as best as possible and after the bloody need whether they stood outside this profit with movement through channel trunk here this wad he hinders erasing a fraction and and deformation that is already when direct friend flies out of the trunk
  • 01:01: 1 and deformed differences in those cases , the container is not wad are used I will say right now that this moment in my hand wiper container and in like in any later container here note there is several constituent elements but also directly obturator is in bottom part here here a little higher and
  • 01:31: shock absorber and self container directly there where the path is poured there are several ways of cartridges with using container but most common and most widely used this take the sleeve with weighed the capsule direct a charge of propellant and immediately omit directly wiped
  • 02:05: container is this perhaps then fall asleep a fraction and use the twist who as an asterisk here if you use just rolling the usual here of course you need put the gasket in mostly is used asterisk that's the principle of taking them on ul this is the most simple option to it would seem at first
  • 02:36: look it pretty just just just the mind and can quickly be planted but here which is everywhere there is a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey business in that if use directly when equipped at once pressure this one container and do not lie down what pads cardboard and then often often I'll tell you I explain what happens the next when you put
  • 03:07: this wad container fall asleep / start twist a cartridge asterisk of some they have 6 flax containers cuddle shock absorber shrinks but this one activator in those places that's in those places where there is no support he's a little good flexes pro bending here this one container in these areas contributes to penetration
  • 03:37: directly gunpowder is this one here distance between obturator and container that is gunpowder here appears whereby than it threatens and threatens this is the next thing when is the ignition of propellant in the first place substandard this once in second here is this wad container can get stuck in a channel trunk that is, he will not fly out from there / will fly about them will remain on it
  • 04:09: It will be stuck there and if you will happen the next fast you understand that your trunks in guns can just inflate and rifle throw out and here it would seem like this here is plastic container for the first time sight harmless can lead to such lethal consequences for this so that it does not happened you should emphasize on the following when choosing directly the container itself
  • 04:39: pay attention to shock absorber and obturator loops the most March only is only 2 a knife, that is, an abutment there is a weak pair in it samara responsibly then such containers should not be take forget on two legs they fly on go to the center and dad daughter to me an ax and on edges of the obturator and operator here is missed when press twist asterisk
  • 05:09: he shrinks a little bit Well, it's the same. principle, as it were shot occurs therefore, please attention is here this model to was seen here here such a shock absorber dinner form of oval as like a tube such bent she here here here are these here the ledges go up to how the sides of this here principle is normal shock absorber that's me I think this one can be using because here if it compresses compression is something like
  • 05:39: would not bend but everything will happen there is more effective later containers which lead use this Well, well, if there is other choice and more qualitatively better this is also not purchase but if there is no other then this in principle help but cartridges still equipped this type of containers should be kept long all these they need to be fired they can be faster because with
  • 06:09: Patong time which will stored with such he escaped and containers it happens some movie uniform changes that is, bends plastic a little bit sginaetsya yet the pair penetrates into this area between obturator and between container on this draw attention means more one moment and of course Here this here problem bending operator decide by elevation
  • 06:39: the operator himself hardness ie a little bit above so that he does not bent so some constructive way close solves the problem here of this penetration and folding directly operator and penetration I need to grow here it's just there that's one point about apricot container purchase, please attention that this one here directly container in this later he possesses different capacities
  • 07:10: there is here you can to fall asleep or 24 gram 30 32 and 34 so if you have has its own technology cartridges hunting will immediately turn attention to this moment because if you fall asleep say 12 calibers of 32 gram there may be 28 conduct that is beat us and drink and above this container but effect already there will be not that
  • 07:40: agree that's why pay attention to ask under how under what projectile fractions this or that container you going to buy this is another point I will tell my opinion on equipment plastic sleeve here these here containers I categorically not I use this one here is the container by crimping it up I'll see directly to
  • 08:11: I myself always put here cardboard the gaskets are necessary and only then directly You can put this I'm a container but I am and this I do not do on the gasket directly I put a little wad it is possible additionally this should be regulated by altitude fidget herself later container and if
  • 08:42: say there is a place if not, then you can principle and from above cardboard padding class that container but it's like there already see for yourself determine another moment very often I encountered such problem that I have principle, I said he there is not enough space for order to come here voice the same hash here solving this with the following way in principle itself shock absorber this one I'm taking a cut scissors
  • 09:12: knife snapped that is here is this lower part of principle I throw out and leave one container and when I reflect cartridges directly pair fall asleep water here gaskets cardboard later a certain level and directly this is the container with on top then fall asleep robe and twist then I swirl here such is the technologist what ammunition I I use on the hunt well more about
  • 09:44: actual process equipment will to consider further videos so if not subscribed to hunter is an amateur subscribe directly now here's the principle these are the moments here with these firefighters containers I wanted you today tell and at the end of you know that significant useful advice when choosing a container Wear liners to buy. thick-walled because
  • 10:14: that Tulga walls and slogans with The girl here is this and yes using wads container polls most cases happens so that Here it is that alsa a little bit deform on places and when spin twists these for she is dressed in a bend is obtained in general gap is between operator and wall cut yourself and a couple gets here only
  • 10:44: so it falls asleep and then as I did before spoke could be very big Problems with this so try to under the mass of select if you infect with the container so tons to 100 walls this principle will help you avoid or you are The problems are such here are the moments I wanted you are very important accounts tell them to hunters who are going to equip
  • 11:15: first time possible here such here fire containers emphasize on these are all these moments because you understand that it can play evil joke for you and you can lose your gun this is the best case will share guns and so you can hurt their health and Today , if it is video you had it's useful not to forget varnish I will be pleased in first it will be
  • 11:46: induce me to new videos because I will to know that there are people which we do not like and who want to hear I still have some advice on hunting other than this can leave comments under this video let's communicate to share their experience cartridges and in principle in hunting area I think someone will be helpful something tells his own behold share his experience in general I will think to all useful Well Well
  • 12:16: friends for today everything before new meetings