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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] interview [music] [music]
  • 00:37: [music] further after filling gunpowder we have everything those accessories which we use for equipment already directly cartridges are powder gasket obturator and Waste container and later some plastic here like here are presented gaskets are which we close
  • 01:07: if we use twist and yes they are a star and we need to cover a shot there or a card so first thing is always in any wadding container or separately this shutter obturator very much not very very important cartridge component it affects mountains of combustion of gunpowder and the denser he sits with us than tight assembly cartridges especially evenly burn out
  • 01:38: pores and especially this if lamellar pores and such as falcon or here mbm 92 s and yes g 3000 although it is pretty still fast but the pores he is still plastic powder and the denser he is the better he is the free flowing pores a they have little they burn differently even here it is combustion process a little in another way therefore the obturator is very important
  • 02:08: now on the market with us three more often with whom we we encounter this manufacturer the commander-in-chief manufacturer of nitrogen and private manufacturer which is on ganze know many very love its components this is the so-called Igor's design is like this once we have now its obturator and one of the the best obturator of if the cartridges I equipment for responsible shot on the hunt then I I use these obturator and they are very
  • 02:38: densely enter sleeve creates good operation and in general, well, how about shot becomes more some sure that is well that's directly felt that this affects the some moments plus even the same ones a pair of buns never wake up inside cartridges as it happens on Waste container the commander who pretty easy and to that's what you see hang out straight inside the new
  • 03:08: absolutely sleeves which do not underwent there's a blow in the shot him or something else and here we see that she dangles and only when shot powder charge 1 slightly spreads out this skirt creating so let's say the density is it is obturation these there are no they includes very dense even now you see here she never did it will fail nowhere will need to go there on about a certain I'll even insert I'm afraid and put in there
  • 03:38: slightly deeper because that then I can not get so here after obturatorom and I often I use everything gasket with what it is Well connected in the first place the gasket creates additional operation which here in my opinion feeling that she just a lot at all so much does not happen although if not go overboard fanatical to this not it's all right will be excellent with what it is connected still if we use
  • 04:08: for example, not cork later some salted to felted puzhi then I am very I'm afraid of contact here some substances which can get because of the salt inside between the obturator and sleeves for gunpowder because it's pores active substance and she can to interact even here with the alka later and and so the cardboard he still protect it why even
  • 04:39: absorb into itself not some amount yes there with a difference temperatures at storage for example cartridges if something of them there is not so much that directly flows but that it will stand out date cardboard it absorbs and thereby protecting and not will affect forum after cards after laying or do not argue use or We do not use use wizards in my case I contacted the company
  • 05:09: for the production and installation of parquet sexes and bought from them several substrates of parquet thickness 4 6 and 10 millimeters but here myself with me only 10 millimeters this very dense cork which does not crumble we use laminate substrate Portuguese is very such an elite level that is, it is not is not crumbling it collapses
  • 05:39: allows you to save already in this correct cylindrical how this business is done all well, that's in the garage at sex lay the veneer even for us was even smooth substrate and yes use drill-screwdriver apply quickly autumn it will turn out that weak turnover whichever screwdriver of course you can save i of course now I'm in a hurry here such residues you can get save and tight
  • 06:09: to do but it's lost more time so I'm just put under 90 degrees [music] in the heat will work so that when he slices one he pushes out previous which here have accumulated the only drawback is that they fly away in different sides ideally this is how it is is working wasting
  • 06:40: little time we we get a big number of pages and the cost of such page about 20 cents they are not good crumbling strongly here and if you make an effort even on the gap they heavy and how showed practice a worthy replacement our Soviet felting fire of course they can be compare by quality
  • 07:10: with pages import too felt in my if I am not mistaken diane is called yes and here's cork later I really liked cork dust 10 millimeters is it with us shock absorber in many Waste container from ready to factory it is presented in the form Here's an example of how heads of the patron see 4 a chair from someone manufacturers there some kind of The accordion is so the point is that to spoil
  • 07:41: to make a shot more comfortable so we do not felt this sharp rebound here by the way on bullets paradox the tail is used nitrogen and here it is shock absorber is presented here in this kind of yes when we can see stamp well, no matter how not legs like the other manufacturer almost everyone uses wiry container and very often use beam containers production
  • 08:11: I'm their leader dislike I do not like these four shock absorber legs because if we here we put the same bullet Liman or with a dress in him 32 34 36 grams of the fraction after a shot if you try to find find somewhere this wad container you you will see that these legs most often broken that is they are not enough elastic and
  • 08:42: not enough as well as it has his own depreciation which does not allow them break that too affects the especially on accuracy with a pool you shot so often only when I I use such wads container and I take stationery knife we cut off from them these legs and just in place of these legs inserting the very same 10 mm wadding from the cork because
  • 09:12: he is just perfect suitable for height which is noticeable affects the as no shot all four are not break will break any one warm up more strong here you have to the trunk is already going with not big skew and is probabilities plus are many disputes tear or not for tear off petals with equipment yes if we use domestic outbreaks containers are better tear because
  • 09:42: when casting these containers on our production I met even seen these are the jumpers are so thick that at the moment shot there for example one two petals you will open two will remain broken that will lead to the fact that when a bunch of ante flies by a charge of fraction you two petals opened two there and fraction in the snowdrift left and will be uneven and
  • 10:13: spread not in the other side into which you need to have We are also now at we do not have them container and production of nitrogen they are pretty quality but the only one they have bought them only for sports cartridges that is, it's for assembly the same cartridges energy yes that is me is completely identical as already told in previous video I collected it
  • 10:43: tried to collect identical patronus factory and there used just Nitrogen is let containers accurately same as go they are soft plant quality but some not like the sharpness although I believe that them with it all just is still in our order at a witch is presented on the table in fact, this wad the container is very peculiar and I personally use he never I use it in that form in which he is manufactured by the factory
  • 11:13: again the head of the department because he has practically no shock absorber if we we put it powder from slicing it just that charge fractions or there in this situation here bullets remote control such heights do not have dos slice it there shot or shot to fill it completely so that he is ideally placed inside the cartridge receive very a large sample and I'm from this wad container a doing an assembly for magnum
  • 11:44: namely cartridges cartridges on the goose with the mass fraction of 44 grams I cut off the available them shock absorber which is almost here no, but literally several transverse there just a packer and insert there as the same traffic jam you only one 10 millimeter thickness a or 6 millimeters or 2 to 4 and then it is perfect suitable for normal
  • 12:14: standard in my opinion 68 millimeter sleeve yeah well then that is geese which were originally comes with article number 12 slash 70 yes that is it do not blink it standard sleeve we put it into it this obturator is set there 6 or 8 millimeters of cork put this container fall asleep just in time that's a fraction of one about forty four grams and we after this the cartridge closes
  • 12:44: a star and we it turns out slow magnum pores large Hitch shot but the cartridge is still on height as usual standard here so these wads container and I have there is a common usage so I presented herself at table and so on. these are the main topics let the containers be those accessories which using personally, here we are the essence is not assembled but figuratively The cartridge was assembled in which we will insert took the liner where
  • 13:14: capsule of his or her washed the cured put in a capsule filled pores inserted there either obturator is either ready there wizard container all It is prepared and We are now left what will be our charge and Today we collect budget cartridge bullet chuck worth 6 rubles We get beautiful specimen gang of cartridge collected in the seventies standard sleeves and
  • 13:44: assembly is literally 10th to he summarily deals with all stages of literally 10-15 minutes beautiful transparent and sorry for such cartridges after that shoot and [music] [music]