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Knitting for beginners. How to calculate and connect a shoulder bevel (termination).  See details »

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  • 00:00: Casual right shoulder on something to sacrifice at night also nida on foot until the end of the period 6 5 l then we will return knitting on the face so that when moving from side to side
  • 00:38: the row did not have holes like pigs peace for this sunflower seeds songs of the Ukrainians, however, Beijing so the workplace is not in itself training and decision to yourself The five world screams to the right with songs walls we fix these provisions
  • 01:08: with the index finger true lessons and continue the publisher all say to end in the relocation of the person they say to the end front and back so the purse dollars planetarium mode the following six pictures
  • 01:38: total in this series and of course the psychologist 13 5 including they stopped another 6 5 or shoulder injuries but Beijing next Kiev 4 5 6 Once again I draw your attention to the fact that such moments hang on the specialty it is considered to be one loop
  • 02:08: fascinatingly Greeks and 4 5 6 Peter I have to work on the front if you sleep on the right these things are rolling out the Beijing like this we will draw a worker to some wife to himself the position of a Pekin goodbye with the index finger and continue the description of the facial version
  • 02:43: and so on, the formation algorithm from the course right shoulder we contacted the goats of the right shoulder now performed a smoothing in which loop boomerang scroll in the usual we have a night row gary for 1 for the first 5 3 boomerang
  • 03:16: But she has such concepts as now to her It is necessary to explain how to make it turned into an ordinary petlin and so that there is not that point the spix is ​​put into a loop at work there is a market like this for the walls before it for the summer wall Isaenko give this porridge from this country where we are
  • 03:47: we see sleeping in the list of regions here is this stenochku and then call the wall here so the beijing sleeps here since here stenochki so Spitsyn positive at work sos aggression signaling and checking petrenku measures source of power like this
  • 04:19: and continue working Let's see what will be on the front side with the front hand you see that St. Petersburg is Iran turned into an ordinary 5 years and for readings continue our work yes the next boomerang picnic account for something wrong commitment to night baking in Odessa
  • 04:49: songs at work that's the kind of movement Needles were lost at work compatriots tied a piggy bank Fomenko with the scientific loop continues writings until the next boomerang loop which is so same to the correcting purl loop latches so
  • 05:20: have learned to write a slippery hour of help partial write-off if a third is on spokes now the furnace must be neatly 6 on open peak there will be several options that work with open shoulders, we will discuss them in the second part of the body, in addition this part of the course we will learn here he not only came out
  • 05:51: braided luggage here is a shock make a seam that is, at night resorts here pass only entered that is on night racing we will learn how to close the gum one by one needle and thread like this learn how to close the needle with a thread of physics two by two
  • 06:22: that's how we learn to close this noise an elastic band 3 on 3 the same schools can be cut manually Here is such a ryazani can end with this schools motel go-round tunic bag learn how to join the canvas in different
  • 07:02: directions this is a canvas with meat in the vertical direction but not so horizontal but the connection lines we did letters with the wrong side of the cheek carefully and with pleasure the threshold is over