Salad from young cabbage \"Spring\". Easy, fresh and nourishing.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello my dear friends today disown baking and cook spring light salad of young cabbage I need cabbage cucumber canned green peas greens greens take what you like I took parsley and green onion is very tasty Of course, you need to add dill here.
  • 00:30: mayonnaise for refueling pick up to your liking you can take sour cream add mustard can be slightly refilled sunflower oil if you decide refill with sunflower oil means add a little sugar and a canteen a spoonful of vinegar or lemon juice I will fill up mayonnaise and still need a ham from Thanks to the treatment at its ease and freshly made salad turns out also satisfying
  • 01:00: First of all cabbage must be chopped Cucumber ham cut into strips [music] from the parsley we remove the coarse stems I leave some leaves greens about what
  • 01:32: fragrant all the same spring greens turns off on the shade like greens too is ready [applause] the salad was a little salted
  • 02:07: a young cabbage judge rub you need to salt and mix everything add peas from peas ok with face it all now stir if you fill a salad sunflower oil means now can add sugar to mix completely with vegetables and then refill
  • 02:38: vinegar and sunflower oil in no way If you do not need to grind a young cabbage salt it very quickly loses its appearance and and it is enough only so and so mix it then it will remain whole and crispy at this point, try a salad on salt it should be a little under-salt then as mayonnaise there is also salt if you fill a salad with sour cream then salt and to your liking
  • 03:10: mayonnaise add as much as you love me enough two three dining rooms A spoon here is a salad and ready for a fresh light and hearty to stand it on a salad unnecessary prepare it immediately before Serving you and enjoying you on this I say goodbye to you on the channel leave comments and while you still have good luck