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  • 00:00: go now times this page header page can also here makes the Fit Give her such a little preliminary work the cervical spine pluck it here the movement and go now and start times a bit deeper here in the para vertical area and always integrate the shoulders
  • 00:34: and poor Now I'm taking care of myself here make an emergency lay all financial peaks in the area of headband ex musculature circles mine finger and ask you again now his cervical spine like a small one to move through the snake then felsspalten can beat my finger here also between the tours
  • 01:11: Transverse processes thus rely on the vortex on of material or more laterally over the transverse processes from the turn the Possibility to paper and she can no tension in itself out organize ok fine now I see here from the line january avatar here I press first a little bit from the side now the pressure can become more vertical with my thumb here on the line
  • 01:42: next to the spine and appreciate all very slowly to kaida so down and is often the isg on here aware here about the little ones in front of rimini on the esc nerve exit points and let the movement here after lotte exclude itself here over the upper arm then over the acronym the
  • 02:16: shoulder there height here para values ​​baal pass the scuola and now set the movement here where the indigenous Musculature and lateral continues to fall start here on the reforms and then I let the motion be followed by the
  • 02:50: Laterally one diverts still a few soft deletion 1 Now again about the acronym here on ska poland parras kabul where we in the usually very many almost all bonding Feel where both more collagen than elastin and hate it where a social mark the balloon can be copied
  • 03:20: can be Swipe your arms and go now again here so boxee offer sliding I turn my fingers to the first four fight and put here now light melt train now I'm a little bit stronger in the direction Approach of the laboratory colleagues on the supra spina tus about that to the ercole around marius
  • 03:54: Afterwards I put my thumb here as far as the knee to the point on the trapezoid of the transmitter on first third between stimulus and shoulder blade height at Anderson is the acupuncture arch Gallbladder 21 and you circle yours shoulder to the back she really nice others circle you in the
  • 04:24: printing houses You can almost always do this movement the chain functional even bigger make you break the desk your arms still in the outside rotation brings exactly very nice can now here even the other fingers on have the supra spina tus and can balance here too before the approach
  • 04:55: that a true scarponi of course it would also affect the affected page does not work so well now Now I can continue next to here the statue put my thumb on the home julius marius as there are in the Chinese the important ones Acupuncture points blow 23 and themselves nice to continue her shoulder blades for spine everyone okay then we want
  • 05:28: put the arms aside Now I go here at first Breast swirls passed between the spine and continue and you move your whole spine again snake through in felsspalten I am now here on the vortex try here by a through a transfer saales push so
  • 05:58: that are also the citizen to move that also small smallest facets allied muscles video or tores vidi vici that makes you reach take the same here ta3 and next th 10 11 and 12 a medical on it I thank such a
  • 06:30: little material and very good but here with several fingers the lgs and that's just the same with be sure to move too here briefly in my finger Bernrain Spends great time and now go really deep into the pure tissue now my patients should be easy
  • 07:05: resting on the arm And now, one thing is coming exactly has hang it quiet Now I'm pulling here again from hers lignano big and small fascia strokes and you are moving songs and his only one special like a little snake the citizens the remaining spine also that you have a few here yourself So their rich share but the tunesier
  • 07:38: also a bit over here own movement may be small solve blockages