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Advantage of bitter chocolate \/ Doctor Myasnikov  See details »

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  • 00:00: bitter chocolate pay attention to the word bitter Chocolate contains the same flavonoids as red wine in large quantities lowers bad cholesterol increases good gives you a sense of joy and has a beneficial effect on the vascular wall has a beneficial effect on the processes only these chocolate bars you are dull they are all on the basis of palm oil and the word chocolate there throw out there is no chocolate step boughs
  • 00:31: understanding medical benefit is pure harm a here is bitter chocolate he must be black he darts contain percentage of cocoa beans and less than seventy percent here and see 70 percent cocoa beans This is what you need per day how much it eat the norm is a cube of dark chocolate this is so much the norm of black chocolate that you want you will enjoy must give out every day that's to remember me
  • 01:03: say 7 different products last three it was almonds it was garlic it was black chocolate is very useful but if you also know about chocolate chocolate loves everything but I think that he of course, spoils the figure and so on and so on. further here so much to you it will not spoil yes only benefit behold
  • 01:46: they