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We choose threads and an outline. Iridescent lion (part 2)

We choose threads and an outline. Iridescent lion (part 2)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everybody, we all start work on the rainbow house and today I suggest to choose the thread for embroidery and horse on which we will embroider our lion in all we need 17 different colors of metach most easily choose black and white that we immediately and do so also a few shades of green brightly green and green color choose the brightest shades here is this green and bright green
  • 00:34: postpone them so as to the blue colors we need blue bright blue blue and blue violet colors we take it we will have blue bright blue blue and blue-violet so we still need yellow orange color
  • 01:17: red yellow is the brightest of us here this Orange color It is necessary for this orange and red and red color so also we need
  • 01:47: burgundy color is best suited debug it so we have different shades of pink and purple the color is so light pink even probably not They are more likely to take this here
  • 02:20: here we have pink light pink so purple is lightly dirty-pink and to live all so is not yet forgotten
  • 02:54: dirty pink then here it is we have the color with threads we decided and now we will choose the Congo I have three kinds of canvas it is shallow see the centimeters of 60 cells average enter centimeters 50 3 cells and large in ten centimeters 42 cells if I choose small someone my picture will be me it seems quite small if a large
  • 03:26: there foot it will be great but a lot will go wrong so I choose the average cut out by the cells I have 90 to 120 cells and I will add a bit on what then it was possible to mine picture write in comments what are the moments of embroidery for you interesting questions in the next video I'm sure to do on them I will answer to not miss my videos I recommend
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