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  • 00:00: Hello, hello to you channel secrets knitting in it short video I want show you how can be sewn invisible knitting horizontal two ends of a scarf knit here I am for example now I see a snort here it's my face party and with this my hand front side finished knitting so that the thread turned out to be on the right side here it is The worker is not like us left a long tail three widths snuda is one hundred percent is left or not a snitch and if you lie down something else wider then leave always 3 widths of your
  • 00:31: canvas is the minimum and I still leave a little more was a stock add our ends to each other and we begin to sew still such a nuance you you know what when so here's the pull garter stitch then between purl these tracks and for night waves or grooves see there are facial I have the ranks of the last row here the hillocks go purl on one side and on the second see the side of me the last row also
  • 01:01: purl we need now sew way between they were facial loops so that when that's how we pulled here in this place came it was also between tracks facial loops here here we all knit hold in the left hand and one and the other side this is our first loop on knitting needles here see how it hangs tip how goes right here we enter here a needle from top to bottom in this loop she is a little bit we will stretch it out we remove from the spoke and
  • 01:31: we pull together thread stretch out to the stop like this come to white part looking for the first loop Here we have it and enter a needle like this from below enter the loop to she was not is screwed and pull out until it stops then go to bottom again we introduce our needles from top to bottom like this in the same loop that
  • 02:02: was on knitting needles like this and immediately adjacent insert a needle now from below up like this see when the noose it is removed then she is not twisted, here I am to you I'll show it to us here so here it is see and so here I am I enter a needle that is, it is not twisted like that like this or else I'll show you now here so after all and she is evenly simple right here like this
  • 02:33: is located by him and from below up, insert a needle and until the stop stretch Thread again we pass on the white part we introduce needle again from top to bottom in first loop previous here and here from the bottom up the loop that on the spoke like this again they are not twisted as I showed you and pull the needle to the stop
  • 03:04: stretch we pull everything together like this on the blue part turn again here our previous loop here it is in her work from the top down adjacent to spokes work from the bottom up as if with a pur side needle output to the front you see we shoot stretch no where
  • 03:35: reproach again on the white part here is our loop previous work from top to bottom, and it next loop you can take it right away remove from knitting need and the head is so removed can you hand me to you I'll show you how it should be on the game see and I'm not sending you twisted but like this here it is located introduce
  • 04:06: and until the end pull up go to the blue part from top to bottom Again, the loop does not twisted see how it is located from top to bottom and neighbor bottom-up and it is also not twisted stretch we pull together a bit do not overtighten here the same as well as between
  • 04:37: by these purl grooves again white we pass from above to we are working on it here pull up the next loop from below up like this tighten all the way farther blue to the bottom from the top down the loop I shoot from the bottom up and pull out until it stops with such a stitching y
  • 05:07: you should be the same number of loops per on the one hand and with the other side canvases so we finished on the blue part means you need to enter white from top to bottom you see like a loop she is not twisted but like this here it does not work out crossed and bottom up maybe from the first times you do not have you can sew two precisely you can practice stitch two pieces garter stitch
  • 05:38: on some small samples before how to cut some seamless product go again to the blue part is this one loop here it is from top to bottom and on needles from bottom to top stretch out to the stop so we're in the end of the we sew together the ones same movements [music] Here I am almost sewing
  • 06:26: look at the end what does great show in general it is not visible if at me and with this and with this hand was yarn same color for example blue is not it would be clear where we are something stitched and now when yarns different colors then on the wrong side these here are white broaches on blue part on one color product this is not what will we be with you now create face loops between purlin
  • 06:57: two tracks if would you graduate knitting so that on top of you, for example there were facial loops they are these hillocks purl ways and here and from this side facial loops then it would be necessary create the wrong track eat chew so that This a number that's backing such here you understand and if you have finished then exact knitting exactly
  • 07:28: so here and here you have facial loops then staple need a little bit in a different way, again start all accurately also insert the needle on the bottom of the top down and into the second loop from the bottom up they stretched out top when work with this in part, we will be from the bottom up like this see and with this work loop also
  • 07:59: differently and let me I'll take it like this is not twisted you see and we also enter from top to bottom a needle and pull and see is obtained from above the bump here again go to the blue part will be on top down and up to 2 loops stretch go to the top part here already In another way, we introduce
  • 08:30: bottom-up first you see and then from top to bottom in loop like this stretched out let's have more times from bottom to top then enter from the bottom up about thrown on this parts from the bottom up and from top to bottom you see is obtained
  • 09:01: back groove that's the way it is necessary sew when you have on knitting needles the end facial loops they purl if you were like this pulled you straight near the spokes would have been these are the facial loops and on this you would they also pulled here would be facial loops then you need sew this way in different cases lead differently corner to formed or
  • 09:31: facial loops or these purl groove I hope I you understand here everything Render explained even pull at the cut great compare here we face is the surface is there back groove Thus, we stitching up to end at the end we repeat all the same movement, that is, The last loops are all do the same or last loop I remove the blue one stretch out to the stop
  • 10:03: Once again, you can enter here the upper loop so fix everything now you can hide tips on your linen we have turned out with you invisible and very neat seam and the same invisible seam can be used when stitching two details of which connected facial the principle is the same most if you have here facial smoothness here facial smooth surface just form facial loops here this seam if you have
  • 10:33: here the purl smooth and purl then you form purlestic tubercles here it is here that seam everything is very simple subscribe to my channel and if you have there were some questions then write them under this video in comments all bye a