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  • 00:00: hello friends finally I will take up for work on the frame under the mirror, then I'll tell you promised, as it were, reached time was not here at last I will cut for guests channel I want to say for the first time on the channel I made a shelf under carved mirror that's what turns out I have a frame on it the mirror was simple unpretentious so but and I think I
  • 00:31: the shelf made lobules a good one but one need a mirror on mirror frame make more somehow under this shelf within today's video will be about the Turks cut cut the frame and what is obtained I will explain a little the frames did not work out torment impressive sizes over a meter by lenght what happens I will
  • 01:02: these are the places I painted green I'll marker milled simple cutter six small these are all the places I I will cut jigsaws and nail file this video probably divided into two part and can not even at 3 then not often asked here such kind of carving like her do something like I would wanted a little bit like at work explain some
  • 01:33: moments to people have tried also cut such not even a frame but just thread this size The size I'll say later even when you were drinking Fryazino Well, my friends, I I begin probably with that I will shoot holes and jigsaw then milled and depth milling more principle does not decided it's the same when in a tight
  • 02:03: I'll try Fryazino at what depth I will define and then already to you I will tell that I I begin to cut out you want my friends pleasant viewing [music] a
  • 02:38: [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [music]
  • 03:09: [applause] [music] start to cut all elements with the fact that starting here this central part let go of miss further and
  • 03:52: I am now cutting with using such a 300 I will make a sample here [music]
  • 04:25: about a little more also the district and also like me turn now but
  • 05:05: these are the parts begin semicircular Get out of the cutter fall below [music] behold [music] I am going to the
  • 05:46: elements omit lower pruning up to this line from here everything lower down nothing do it if this is not done here is this element it will be impossible to sound for steer so I all this I omit below somewhere out of here [music]
  • 06:25: pruned lowered a little lower I'm at one with these and these elements I will lower below inappropriately should be below the main elements of basic the elements are mine this one and this one is not by the way already they appear must be higher than all the rest so I'm cutting here
  • 06:57: here [music] later under these leaves are of course
  • 07:40: still need to be omitted below but for now I have them I'll leave it for later I'm kidding about these central basic elements by the way should take sauce on the background of all the frames and years that I am for this do from here this room is the one goes down and away goes down gradually falls, but this it should be higher
  • 08:10: all the rest curl [music]
  • 08:49: there is this curl slightly round here and here a bit correct then I [music] changed the form
  • 09:20: him and already here to the department this bump from curl for help lesson all that should be below is the curls [music]
  • 09:51: since this bumpkin a small element of this she should occupy the relevant height it should be below that curl and correspondingly this curl begin do semicircular cutter here a sample same as here [music]
  • 10:22: beginning I already given curl [music] I omit a little here down is not strong
  • 10:53: just a little bit so that here the upper the point was here and from here she started slightly it is down and here naturally [music] [music] pruning the leaves
  • 11:25: do here too such a small sampling by the way the leaves here small small not at all should be very low height of the way too, should not be in one plane here how it goes down here above here again from [music]
  • 11:59: [music] I pass here in corner separated this bump under the leaves [music] after how I lowered I cut the knobs below this leaf in this here place down
  • 12:30: central element leaf I will also be make of it a sample while down by this top this leaf below a little all these
  • 13:06: parts I rounded the car We have leaves and now round up these bumps that's how she came out friends are pretty looks good excellent already here even started do I think that I one side will do
  • 13:37: not at the camera completely here is another I will already be shoot and comment on what I do and how and why still of course to ride nuances from the jigsaw remained Here such such nap his chisel, of course at the end of this already in the very end when I already the whole frame will do then I'll shoot
  • 14:07: it's all cut off the chisel neatly so pretty good I was pleased work but I probably will end this video the next video already will do
  • 14:37: the rest so who liked it friends we put huskies do not forget subscribe to channel all good luck I'll see you