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  • 00:00: All regards this project is another kitchen and with you, i alexander are friends on store shelves on the market appeared young potatoes and there is a large but the most important is a small today I such a chosen should be deliciously delicious today we prepare a young potatoes in Kazan with garlic dos dill how great it before Let's start I want to say hi tahmin Ismailov greetings to Kazakhstan write us comments are welcome to you
  • 00:32: all friends are engaged in a recipe by the way is not switch will be very very all fast and tasty drove and for the recipe we need potatoes young I washed it here almost a kilogram of salt head of garlic bunch of dill all fragrant and slightly vegetable oil oil was heated in Kazan and immediately let's get the potatoes mixed now the oil envelops and reduces to
  • 01:06: I now cover the minimum now align care and beauty cover and forget the minutes for twenty but at the same time friends periodically in such circular motions we The potato will bother garlic I dismantled here at such a lobule young fragrant garlic now while potatoes even in Kazan will cut dill melenko
  • 01:39: [music] Well my friends 20 minutes slipped through turned and honestly did not open I confess the first time we open and watch what's there about brown now and then take a handful of our garlic send here and give also on a slow fire for another five minutes you will listen only to this delicious suit
  • 02:12: grumbling I love when I'm on my shoulder garlic on now dyed here dill and give the potatoes now again I stir and give potatoes to infuse literally 5 minutes until all of them come together to the table great post and well here is such a simple but at the same time we have a fantastic dish it turned out I have to add, I'll take
  • 02:43: Here is such a large salt and everyone is calling to my friends also invite you to the table today. we will eat it on the street so who at the scent smell run until soon