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Painting lessons. Venice. Termination of the copy of a picture. Part 10  See details »

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  • 00:00: and how to work continues as see the boats made and all that in boats we have one boat Everyone would become a bridge and the figures of people they will be registered for the coming days and then there will be a painting of the sea and small shares and the most basic
  • 00:31: work that day two ghettos make their way because there is no still different windows stripes of points is everything will be necessary put in order to would be the last picture I lived with strokes and so we will work and so on see that picture almost its completion left to do people column and and some accents and
  • 01:02: there will be an end then another make a glare on the water then small windows of different bands and dots and a picture he will have to completion ie how to revive picture it happens like a person seemingly speed but not moves and then opened his eyes and a man alive and so here a picture like would be finished on them some accents need to open the picture of the eye is put literally
  • 01:32: small parts small dots of glare realistic accents on all subjects which are on picture is not then the picture will heal when I worked on picture and about estimate the time and production I always I make myself daily plan or weekly a plan that I will do today what will i do this week so such a picture size it 's easier to do everything for example I think that
  • 02:04: this house and this house I today you are like I will make a coloring local colors tomorrow I will do this tower and this tower then from here to here here is this member then one day this small house and a little greens and so it turns out once two three 4 5 this one a week then 2 weeks this is this accumulates time for 5 weeks I I say that this
  • 02:34: I will make a picture for 5 weeks and so it's easier Work if I know what will I do today this wall and this wall it's good and not less and no more if time was not enough it means work for one hour longer when you put you this plan then so work on such a picture which you do 40 50 or 60 days lighter psychologically because you everyone once you know today do not do not normalized by some
  • 03:04: understanding that today goes and when today finish the job then whether then paint ended only yes was it really something else then you can imagine insert a plan lifting for each the day is working quite realistic and optimal because that work is difficult need all the time pick color is hard for the eyes for nerves you need to do yourself some restrictions and a lot of work too so a few more days work we
  • 03:35: let's see already end result with all nuances and so today we still locomotives and so continue work on pictures of the sea almost We did today do embankment is the one the moment of which we said earlier that we we take simply now purple color and how here lilac on brown and
  • 04:05: here I try make a similar effort just rubbing using lilac the color we just impose always somewhere higher gel
  • 04:39: rubbing looking at buttocks here we did embankment this method which I undertook I like it because what is it christ step shines through purple tint and
  • 05:09: getting sat on well there is mix that it would not be such shades are not what thread colors it turned out well depth of color and tinge much better and higher by quality than a month
  • 05:39: Then there was another batch with trashovymi 1 health and so did we area and selection points in a barrel small it's like mine thumbs up it remains absolutely barely stayed
  • 06:09: accents on the picture after the area is small details that is blinky and not the strips dashes it in principle in principle all for goods but that's so far away looks now picture the sea did it yesterday simple
  • 06:40: take the mask the colors and already on dry preliminary blue substrate superimposed mask like this
  • 07:13: so the final stage to work on this big picture remain small nuances yesterday work on these different strips flashing small everyones gemmule that is all that can be animate you need to make a window
  • 07:43: for example, sulfur is needed it's all like on reproductions in this all and smeared somehow add mixture here enter several colors from dark to light and which ones point words put that imitate set to will imitate windows the texture of buildings in general, as if to revive
  • 08:16: there will be pictures let's put a point here strip light then something rub and gradually it will be fly the right shade and so on slightly to little bit of principle behind video can be done the whole picture different nuances then are they painting in the full meaning of this words and, as it were, small such a manicure we
  • 08:46: we direct in the picture so that it can already finished look and that's it. such small nuances are passed all work that a little bit carefully from afar you will be on do not do this all somehow flat then does not look like a tip
  • 09:17: that's how it is everything does here comes to an end work on this the picture is already all the principle is you can wait when will dry and on the bed
  • 09:47: and varnish come again soon there will be another landscape
  • 10:17: still life and bent see you soon