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Edinichka from air spheres \/ Ones made of balloons  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello greet you on our channel balls we today we will do one on the frame for this we will need the framework itself is us it is made of wire 3 mm can be make from any improvised materials with metal-plastic pipe is permissible so we we will not do one in the clearing flowers in the sun one with such
  • 00:32: the size of the carcass glade 60 centimeters height from glade to this bend 90 and ponytail 40 centimeters we do such things it's always ours standard in principle all figures are approximately the same height we have are obtained to please five-inch bead for glade it is somewhere 30 40 pieces for self and units from 50 to 60
  • 01:04: balls well for flowers there already how much do you want colors in such the shdm principle It will be necessary and will be still the sun is well Let's start we fooled 7 balls for 2 pitching as make 4 proper we take two balls we connect with each other two more balls connects and
  • 01:34: rewind it in standard elements that are used by you in a huge amount figures now take on glade balls we them set of 2 colors can monophonic can the third color give me the limit fantasies so take and wrap OK
  • 02:04: first parties I need to expose that 1 quartet conducted exactly for it does not hurt decided to do
  • 02:35: one by dots so we will alternate fourth part pink Thursday with one white ball now you're dressing here four here we are pull up and take bead we do also most wrap pull all beginning we put the film is simple continue along the line here and here when we go 2 we show hit
  • 03:06: and now a little subtlety so that we here it 's good They hold an edge balls we take shdm and tie it with one hand alone shitty second other here we drive in
  • 03:45: and fur here now we have 4 princes nowhere to lay Ukraine monitor already held good and reliable have reached ourselves to the corner
  • 04:32: and even so that beautifully with us We continued do the following we we take a neat and we pass in the following we take two balls associate
  • 05:03: should already be twist here now we need only one of which will be from the point of dress
  • 05:38: pull up closer well farther regular four but since we passed this angle is not having lost sequence Well, the last
  • 06:11: element in our it turns out 4 made of shopton here them for one roll and 1 shore of the ball puffed up too for one rolling we will make from it phone that is tied to any adult white ball and put on Here's a we
  • 06:50: is obtained now we will do flowers to steal our clearing and the sun that muck up are so single now do the sun for this we take smiley yellow called small enough again in the eye tie the shdm 250 and
  • 07:22: yellow together their about a little more could have wanted put course m4 make a small loop and so continue on
  • 07:55: the circle we measure everything here bubble so that it's all we are very tight here it was delay
  • 08:49: bind everything turned out here is the sun and here correct this Sun Now he needs primotat edinichki we have
  • 09:24: now we will flowers on the fields so you take the flowers and associated with Isar between a few stems same with another hand Here is such
  • 10:09: one of us it turned out to be thanks for attention and your comments subscribe to our channel goodbye