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  • 00:00: Hello today we want you closer introduce decorative stone Kosovo of course the first thing that comes in head it use it in quality of finishing material at work with such premises as a corridor and hallway and yes how are we you see now on photos is true very many is used in these premises classical styling this is laying decorative stone completely all walls corresponding to
  • 00:30: floor to ceiling but it's just only one of stone options can be used in combination with wood paneling Stacking can be produced partially from the floor to a certain height line stacking can be as a direct attack uneven imitation is not may be partial the brickwork have a fantasy that the limitations on your
  • 01:00: fantasy is not necessary be afraid of narrow corridors to me very gracefully looks in these corridors and absolutely no edge flooded if you have there are animals decorative stone use of interiors at use in perfect interiors A way to protect your walls from sharp feline ha. in this photo we see the use of stone together with paper wallpaper but there is one nuance first glued wallpaper then cleaned and on
  • 01:30: clean space glued directly females so use in interiors to me rather rich pretty big you you can protect some speaker angle then it's you definitely never nothing will be there will be laying can produce themselves are not carburizing as if with a chop rock cliffs
  • 02:01: various design fireplace shelves or falsh-fireplace of both called i.e. then as they say everything exclusively depends on your decorative wildly so decorating wish you can simply decorative place in your door or plinth my zone so called to do very beautiful arches
  • 02:33: if you have them again, the stone is very looks organic when designing this kind of architectural and interior elements As you can see looks very aesthetically and very interesting niches please also like option use of decorative stone if you have a niche some or for example
  • 03:03: in the basement premises sufficiently large windows and large slopes also as an option can be used but again indoors for household purposes that is corridors are not all of these space which possible with which you can work decorative stone Kosovo to the kitchen as an option decoration of walls decorative rock looks very
  • 03:33: great is it variant of registration bar very exquisitely very interesting fit into interior stone here people tried visually break angle which is very strongly advocated the there are kitchen kitchens do not need aprons be afraid to use Do not be afraid experiment here is another option design that is work with stone directly
  • 04:03: living rooms again everything looks very interesting interior obtained style loft or simply this is enough interesting and in general I would say that quite durable stone can be use also in combination with classic interiors then from
  • 04:33: we now see this coffered ceilings fairly wide ceiling molding and yet the wall decorated decorative to me looks pretty Interestingly here we are you see again design options stone stone can be any different from a stone it is possible work and ordinary wood burning fireplace considering that in it added gibson not
  • 05:03: is afraid of differences temperatures among other things stone can be safely used in sleeping with combined quite interesting materials and even that's so cumbersome chest of drawers and a mirror they will look at its background too large children's rooms too can safely draw up with decorative stone and here's a great example children's room Swedish wall except
  • 05:33: all the rest, stone can be additionally protect with varnish on water based an additional shine and additional layer protection of roofs we offer you take out a stone from interior in the exterior and original issue your entrance doors very often ask us you can whether to use decorative rock on balconies and loggias
  • 06:03: yes no problem and so you can now see this quite very interesting looks like says envy your neighbors your friends too have something to tell You can use both only one article and in combination with several articles on to a large for themselves designers decorators for all that the stone is not afraid
  • 06:34: differences temperature and considering that he is on loggia can be either plus 100k minus that is nothing terrible and it can be use on streets is also variant of registration ceremonial and here it is option drawing up work with stone directly to the exterior is here roughly speaking history one cottage so we saw it before decoration design
  • 07:05: compiled a drawing and that's accordingly work begins with decorative stone cash and how are we you see the final option with using stone two colors and article for foundation foundation socle part looks interesting and It is not even were trivial see you on our channel decorative stone cash register firm stampa
  • 07:35: contact all your questions answer