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  • 00:00: I tucked my heads and thread suitable to tone it is very important in color and generally during processing always use its conditions, then there is if you have you know the thread in color Tagil method of processing no, not so accurate suitable color means another way processing can You can always choose find a way out now we we fold for 0 3 minutes 4 millimeters and by stitching in 2 sec
  • 00:30: half a millimeter 3 lay the seam on one millimeter from fold and everything and this one The edge is now possible without he is afraid to stretch it and should be stretch that is you will sew and unbutton so you pave a line along the entire length
  • 01:00: one side of the strip this will be the first page now you should take a pair of scissors the ends of which are good cut and that's it neatly under cut the very line seam allowance do not hurry neatly and than you more accurately do this the work the more beautiful you will get a seam second line we
  • 01:30: we will work with face there are minutes cut off well now we are will bend close here and so but prostrochivayu we will faceplate for so that we have smooth stitch and We put it and also on one millimeter the folding code is exactly the same you can pull
  • 02:02: if possible especially if you sew jersey then do good outstretched edge frilly ruffles these tales and puppies such a line does not Only strong and often decorate
  • 02:34: stereo and so we done with you edge processing Moscow seam and now we need bomber most the best way Build, I did I do not think this is an assembly it does not care by hand will be in the first place uneven second is very difficult calculate guessing a all the same assembly on machine as we are with you start not the beginning yes even if it were
  • 03:05: start it anyway these are the little corners better cut putting in a line on big step build first the first line on distance 3-4 millimeter from the cut and second line on
  • 03:35: distance 8 10 millimeters from 1 here such as width paws so stitch must be continuous therefore any cliffs are not are welcome will have to be remade Well, well that I have the breakage occurred in at the beginning I'll just start to the point of the beginning
  • 04:07: if you have It will not break go in the middle of this line it will have remodel now the assembly is not will and now we have Here we take from below thread of the wrong side but for some reason I got used to the wrong side probably here and something already what I mean probably forgot
  • 04:40: school thread goes all the same with me and what's the matter of course direct and we collect we collect the necessary value can be from one side you can pull themselves depends on the principle of pancakes the very line that is not always we collect only frill is a Christmas tree Sobinova
  • 05:10: there we have more it will be a hassle means when you collect very it is also important not to break ment first you assemble to the desired lengths and then you will distribute for example, here we are enough is this here part means we fix no longer we will collect more you can even tie so that they do not dispersed to tie in with both parties so now already look at course
  • 05:41: do visually eye but to assembly we had very smooth so as not to come guest where empty there where simply distribute from places where densely and so that's evenly evenly drive and a little and visually you determine that it was flat exactly the same prepare the second part of the frill we fold the frill face to face with face straps and sewn let us suppose
  • 06:13: distance 1 centimeter I did it a little when I iron because I you do not need magnificent some kind of peas this one too slightly busy because none of its then you do not have to will be sewing now such a large the line is ours locking stitch no, now try everything the parties remove both do not pull the handle we put freely and then
  • 06:43: the time of equalization is on the one hand I have it is quite far away from I will be in neck because they did not say is determined I'm even like this here a little bit collecting a pea kitten Here is such a kind
  • 07:15: the same is obtained do it right now with another country and then I just took and press the bar now I have of course it's very, very a lot of unnecessary things wrong it's purl the side is the front now I take out all these Here are the threads are all superfluous you're not on the inside I will take out and proven quality about started alike about equally ended after how will I prepare
  • 07:46: I'll put it clearly on in the middle and prikolu and we spend and I'm certainly tuning years of thread in color material and more likely in the middle make all the adjustments how to put closer to above or below I still have not decided yet because what I need check the neck of the child clearly entered either it will be necessary to say do not pump up but you too will be decide in individual
  • 08:16: I cleaned the order bravo product all seen threads pin bath and I combined the middle products from the middle slats on top and then same angels on bottom, and now I'm here these threads will sew ie thread in color base material one millimeter from the edges We have chained the trays and now we will
  • 08:47: sew the line that you flashing on top details please choose always the same length for example two seconds half or three millimeter and now at the edge of the plateau neatly not hastily set up the bar on product and ideal will be if you and the second
  • 09:29: aside these foods are also from above that is , lines in one direction from above down but in my case will maximize properly sew bar without any distortions and now I remove all the needles and
  • 10:00: once more ironing plan as I have spoke but these flat assemblies they intend to because narrow bar it can not be iron at home if it will be curvy defenses this is how our Our figure does not flat therefore everything whether external of course you need iron better on the pillow which gives product form say so I write a plateau and
  • 10:30: You can iron the goats manga and the product itself be careful because here it is distance between soleplate iron and iron can be dirty over time so you can stain and style Well, our love is ours It is ready and now we
  • 11:00: we can sew all discharge