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How to sew a skirt a pack. Pattern and tailoring.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello all this nelya mazgarova today in this master class i I'll tell you how to sew skirt I think our women of fashion will be very happy this master class so we look at learning and updated and so will start building patterns lining skirt made of cloth and open his video skirt of a half-sun make a pattern skirt you need to calculate
  • 00:30: the following formula r equally stm need 064 dst this is the pool quarter and this value is needed will be postponed to fabric from the fold and outline the radius as shown on the screen material consumption for lining 90 centimeters at width of fabric not less than one hundred forty-five centimeters from of the radius will need to be postponed length of the skirt on the side fabric from the fold we cut the train
  • 01:00: long half-engagement waist plus 1 and width 12 centimeters this there is a belt item in bend we make out the lining skirts and net sects need at least 3 meters and preferably take a soft mesh and so let's start sewing skirts for starters need to process slices of skirt this middle section skirts and bottoms of skirts the pads for this we sweep them but also warlocks or on a zigzag further
  • 01:30: at the edge of the grid line the line large stitch further it will be necessary pull one thread and collect on assembly mesh assembly will need evenly spread throughout length after the grid in assembled or pricking to the skirt then proceed to belt processing before as belt will need it first glue glue on iron for this you need
  • 02:00: paint glue on belt size glue party to the wrong side belt and steam iron then bend the belt in half inwards and pin ends belts we spend the ends belts in order to neatly turned in the ends of the belt need crop the corners Then you return them and after ironing after
  • 02:31: bend off the cut of the skirt and peak belt to it further configure search for a skirt this cut and chisel machined allowance down skirts next we need will cut a slice lined skirts giving this cut on
  • 03:08: typewriter But the seam should reach the waist by 10 centimeters so that we could wear a skirt iron this shock and we still have make another pair steps and our skirt is ready further it will be necessary bend the bottom of the skirt to width and warlock for scoop bottom of skirt after do not forget it I will teach you how to live as a fasteners can make 5 and sew buttons or sew
  • 03:38: secret buttons and so on it was a master class for sewing a skirt-tutu this skirt you can worn in romantic style knitting natalya ribbon and in combination with a T-shirt in style glam rock if you need I liked my master class on tailoring of skirt put it and subscribe to channel who will be interested pass my course on design and clothes modeling from zero to professional write me in my personal message by going to link below so with you was nelya
  • 04:08: mazgarova to new meetings