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  • 00:00: Hello friends with you are Svetlana short very long we were preparing with you New Year's it was some in the New Year's marathon simple and now very difficult to reconstruct and go the other way the other crafts but according to numerous I'm asking today I'll show you these elephants of gypsum which we are with you and otloyem and decorate it more semi-finished products [music]
  • 00:30: elephants otloem from gypsum for this I have there is such a formochka I bought its on the aliexpress maybe someone find in another online store mold silicone so here is the mayor I will show the best in principle it is without some excesses I'll take another she is such interesting decorative horse nothing happens new from Lebanon and I will not show but we take a cast and now I take gypsum on a bag written mixture of g6 and g7 a
  • 01:00: previously used g5 is this gypsum much better and probably the more the higher the number quality ask how much does the gypsum leave and how much water about 1 part water and 2 pieces of gypsum but this always individually if you want to the figure stood there is more stable was you need to fill it thicker it is usually necessary from the tap can do vice versa, first water Pour and then plaster
  • 01:30: that's how I'm more comfortable did not find in this no difference look what the consistency will be I'm plaster here so he freely poured out it is necessary shock I managed only mold floor the figure will be thin for that so that he steady therefore I boldly now in sight still about as much solution and bay why am I like this shake out air bubbles if the cast is liquid with pulling out of shape figurines it can crack
  • 02:00: can appear defects therefore Figures try pull out when actually already the figure will dry up there is humidity here do not touch here even before I flood happiness here everywhere things will not be filled had time for persons and therefore that I would have I really wanted that and this side was also flat I have a lot of various molds and such figures I cast when district activities conducted master classes painted figures and children and
  • 02:30: parents helped and these are the figures should not stand less than half an hour to grabbed only gypsum certainly not yet dry but they are already can be pull out and send to drying we will pull them out after friends and of course I am phased produced this video and in advance I already have there are these figures it's already dried out cast figurines here she is not a horse really wants to stand look at her flops one we take a knife or sandpaper and
  • 03:01: a little bit here in here clean out the lining bottom now fairly even the next nuance is from behind look very much came out of air this air does not dispersed from above but but the figure itself turned out virtually perfect why do I draw attention to the second side because there is a second aside decorate well, all these figures can be common putty Well, tell me probably will not be interesting look to those who have no mold made of silicone therefore we are bold
  • 03:32: we can make a form an elephant from a penoplex cottages candlesticks made of gypsum applying a penoplex then there is you call any form pasted here everything is scotch roll out the layer a salty or plasticine We put the shape and we fill in with gypsum so you have opportunity to do this form with this form to work I did not have time because I in fact and only what did I do postpone in to the side of holes I
  • 04:02: I will try next once again show that of it will work out but as you understand desperate situations no, if there is something strong I want it always can I think of something and now we will decorate elephants with putty and stencils so that we finally have did not some kind of children Castings are more souvenir elephants in first i need will be a little bit align surface and this is me I will make it very thin layer of putty this since I already bought universal
  • 04:32: putty white color firm very good any spatula and so on Align let it a little will dry up and we will work with another figurine think it out bravely different compositions [music] not very thick layer and quickly we raise here such beautiful and tidy ornament we already have obtained stencils preferably wash immediately next apply I
  • 05:02: I will not be able to damage this is why we still have there is a horse here she is more horse implies such a country style and back I will also make an ornament but already whole stencil I apply starting from the middle I distribute and distribute raise and look what turns out all which went beyond you can do it right away correct and here such the background is obtained from horses somehow he's here
  • 05:32: harmonizes postpone on drying ahead of me I will also do various ornaments I will take more such Indian motifs on the body on back and also possible this part I will use make different ornaments and these I will have a few pieces I do not know how to interfere what they came up with sometimes even during how do you open gypsum they themselves break off Well, I want my eyes too. slightly remove this released all this
  • 06:02: can be safely leveled sandpaper [music] in fact, all my manipulations comes down to the fact that I just apply stencil drawings wherever I want to if something is not like adjusting toothpick adorn these elephants can be generally different ways here and decoupage will suit here is suitable and point-by-point painting on back we
  • 06:33: we can attach here such a stencil he in general such oriental style with cucumbers Indian and I have already there are dried up figures with dried out ornaments like the piano in bush and they are mine already all covered with white acrylic paint that is primed when priming gypsum do not try add to paint varnish or glue he just watches stockings all that you do not I like beret nest Align the paint can some
  • 07:03: ornament here is some kind of sharp edges here and here are the elephants preparing to paint let's let's see what we have it turned out that he already actually cool it was a hot mold very softly I'm like this and I shoot it the only thing u me here there are still inundations that's so lightly all quietly removes everything is clear perfectly straight I flooded the horse a little more liquid gypsum I hope everything will turn out Well, that's all too well turned out
  • 07:33: and now take the brush and paint and will paint figurines if I want to do figure of white and highlight an ornament gold is this figure desirably cover then acrylic lacquer a then using gold paint we pass on all speakers surfaces again when she varnished much looks more beautiful than this is how it is now lacquered simply you showed a little How can I do that
  • 08:03: very interesting most The simplest version is we let's go a little bit another way to someone like gray elephants to make a gray the color must be mixed white and black color maybe someone will want a pink elephant and completely elephant we paint gray color pass all Deepening may be someone will say that white gold was much better i I will not argue too I agree because any option here will be very nice look following the elephant and
  • 08:33: we will paint in bright tones Of course it's me you all I show how options you can also take not only an elephant you can take any obsalyusno any figure and exactly the same make of it some decorative thing friends and if you give children such casting of gypsum so interesting to you beautify that neither one adult can Such views on the make and deliver you are very happy to be a horse in apples now we are a little bit
  • 09:06: with an old brown man paint slightly-slightly yes no I'll type it like I will make such old scrapes and accurately you also need take white paint and walk a little white paint but already another brush as add a small whiteness in this style can Norris can make a horse we paint red paint completely everything friends are in no way I do not want a case impose one's vision this painting while at
  • 09:37: me on a brush red paint i make a small transition is done here on blue paint as red dry I I will add a little bit blue the gray elephant is dry and I I 'll cover it with acrylic varnish at whom will be two or three layer will do I want this elephant highlight with color metallic beginning dark gold a then with silver all protruding parts a then it will be possible adhere various rhinestones about
  • 10:08: Here such effect and here I will cover figure in mother-of-pearl mother of pearl gives here so interesting Effect mother-of-pearl is written color pearls on green in general very beautiful looks while I dries to you I will show a few photos of those elephants that I did before [music] [music]
  • 10:42: friends now what the elephants a all the rhinestones and pasted here on such a polymer adhesive [music] white elephant and of course did not finish this is a crude option that we have the other side we look [music] friends are just figure and already what value you pass such and be on the fence raised occasion
  • 11:13: denotes money incomes are omitted this well-being in family and I for today with you say goodbye thank you for viewing put a husky subscribe to my channel to new meetings [music]