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Ascorbic acid for skin around eyes | Vitamin C against \"goose pads\" and dark circles #24  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, friends welcome you to Channel your beauty hands and not surprisingly, manufacturers cosmetics include the composition of its assets vitamin c because vitamin c does lot for our skin but above all he fights with such symptoms like like rosacea dark spots remove any dark spots even most inveterate
  • 00:30: he fights wrinkled like a small and so with deep makes heal frames and even scars and the scars it leaves the skin supple and helps but to restore it another thing that Vitamin c is very fast destroyed on air and at contact with metal it just instantly disappears Many creams are contain vitamin c it contains only and those on the box
  • 01:00: having the formula vitamin c more they are stable too expensive and Few can imagine let them but homemade masks and creams and lotions tonics cooked the basis of all known askorbinki very effective because preparing them quickly at once used once and the substance does not have time evaporate from your skin preparation is very very simple and is available for sale in any pharmacy is
  • 01:30: as a powder form and in the liquid state wherein the liquid is very convenient to use namely in cosmetology in the home Cosmetology and from ascorbic acid or rather with the content ascorbic acid a lot of masks Today I want to tell you a wonderful mask which will be for such a sensitive zone as the skin around the eyes This mask is very well tightens It rejuvenates the skin eliminating the goose
  • 02:00: feet in today Mask I use liquid vitamin c I 10 percent ascorbic acid will tell you how you can not to use only liquid but also dry poroshochek yogurt because acid should be a little bit its aggressiveness to repay natural yoghurt without any additives that you like necessarily sugar and such a wonderful as butter oil Neroli oil is that's great It is struggling with it
  • 02:31: bags under the eyes with dark circles and crow's feet and To begin, I'll take yogurt to remind you that natural yoghurt without additives sure that there 2 had no additives dessert spoons yoghurt here in these two dessert spoons dissolve 3 teaspoonfuls spoons of sugar sugar no slides and it is necessary to dissolve carefully rather long not to
  • 03:01: it was then discomfort in the eyes to sugar grains your eyes your the skin is not damaged When the sugar is completely dissolved in yogurt only if we start adding here the rest ingredients but the first I will add it askorbinka ascorbic acid I have a 10 percent 10 percent today be careful not to hurt and pour
  • 03:32: contents have masochku carefully Stir and now here we add two three drops of essential neroli oil, and mask ready and the mask very interesting Equipment for the application of so that it is not It gets into your eyes Take 2 to sponzhikom Both glazik cut semicircular cut 2 crescent and this with
  • 04:02: You can use already apply cream to then spread his eyes try to make so that one side was a little a little longer for that just on the zone crow's feet and and and so here then arrange here we put our cream and glue very comfortable mask is it good sticks and we must even lie with her can sit and look to computer and it surprise its composition efficiency mask
  • 04:32: It is not only those who have properly and truth is not a problem but even with his eyes very sensitive skin if your eyes are not perceived purchased funds, they you blush then this swell masochka just for you you need to keep it October 15 minutes then rinse off cool water, and cause any moistening agent but another means another mask
  • 05:02: today's very effective for any Only when the type of skin very sensitive we must be careful it is ampoule ascorbic acid for use just for the face how to use one ampoule applied daily for 14 days on the skin completely eliminating here already except the area around the eyes and 5-7 minutes over She applied nightly
  • 05:32: cream if you acid five per cent that it can not raise water at 10 interest acid better to dissolve it water ascorbic Acid is a very strong allergen so before do any mask askorbinku make test be sure to apply bending arms and Wait 20-30 minutes reaction is not only then you can will make every mask if there is a response if there is a burning sensation
  • 06:03: red means you there is contraindications This smear these masks you do absolutely not and with you I was Marina Fedorov and the team this training is the try to make this mask A cheap tool from the pharmacy and you will see two weeks later, our leather literally will shine [music]