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  • 00:00: [music] you on the channel start to lick my name Tatyana today we will tie you here such a beautiful pattern and in fact he it is very very simple, although it looks quite complex for this pattern report height of only 4 rows and of them only in the face are tied pattern and purl is tied to us by There are loops in this pattern face and back cover and Loops of 2 are sewn together face with a slant left and right rapport
  • 00:32: pattern in 9 loops of 9 loops that repeat at the beginning knitting we add one loop and in end we add one loop and plus is obtained from the edge on each side if you knit it all by turning series of this pattern can be Rotary rows and in a circle if you 'll loop it around each of the you will be replaced simply by knotting All the loops on the pattern as they lie with you
  • 01:04: and nakidy will be tied face there is virtually every second row will be to simply sew all the loops with the facial I will have a sample 5 reports as you see accordingly 9 multiplied by 5 this will be forty five loops and plus one on each side this is 47 and plus one more edge it 49 that is, I also have on the sample probably forty-nine loops I'll type The most common way to loops for
  • 01:38: this pattern then I will tie one row with the wrong ones purl and on the front side already in our first face series we will begin to tie a pattern and our first row of pattern is the front row of us The edge loop is removed and we always
  • 02:08: we sew the first loop of one facial she does not enter us in our report on start knitting rapport which us consists of 9 loops and so 1 facial cape nakid does not matter how you do it that we will tie here without any inclination without further adherence 2 more facial following 2 loops
  • 02:38: we sew as a 2 face together with slant left the first loop off the second we sew the front and stretch through the loop on the spoke the next 2 loops we knit like 2 along with the slope to the right 2 persons with a face loop pick up for the right wall
  • 03:08: loops and bind the front further two loops still facing 1 and 2 and the cape on this rapport ends next we are from the next Repeat again, let's give another 1 Facial cape 2 eye loops 2 together with to the left then 2 together with
  • 03:46: tilting to the right 2 facial and napid repeat all this before end of the row as much as we have reports and the last rapport I typed we tie the front and make a cape last then rapport
  • 04:16: there is one more face loop and edge edge too I see Facial turn around second row we have purl and we we will fasten all the loops and all the outfits with the wrong hinges, we remove the edge I will shoot the border so I get a nodal edge and from the next loop we have all the loops and nakidy are tied simply
  • 04:46: purl it will be the second row and edge loop on the purl series I also tie up the facial turn around and we will now have a third set of patterns front row I also remove the front the first loop is also not included about the port we are simply facial and with
  • 05:17: next we have already started rapport and it starts with a cape cape 2 facial Next 2 along with the slope to the left The next 2 loops 2 along with the slope right 2 nakida front face
  • 05:49: rapport is over and give one more report again we knit on again we we begin the report of the cake 2 facial The next 2 loops we are tying together with a slant to the left of the obverse Next 2 with a slope to the right
  • 06:22: we tie together two face- pieces and face all two times repeated the mara port with you and repeat all this all our series I finish last provyazyvayu report nakid and facial rapport is over and in the end of us remains one facial one does not include
  • 06:53: 1 edge third row is ready unfold and bind The last row of the port is in height 4 row purest also remove the front edge as Face and all eyelets and all nakidy again I sew with purl and it's all Repeating a pattern, that is, we have it
  • 07:23: of 9 loops wide and from four rows in height from the next we will repeat the pattern with first row [music]