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121. Oat fritters with orange: the most tasty variation on morning porridge  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello comrades Culinary! With you Ryumkin Jung :) And let's today with you turn the usual morning porridge in unusual oatmeal-orange fritters :) Only there is such a danger, that the usual oatmeal you have no one else will never eat :))) Links to the originals and a list of ingredients, as always, under our video. First, cook oatmeal :) 400 ml of milk is poured into a ladle ... ... and pour in the same 1 cup (or 90 grams) of the most instant flakes.
  • 00:33: Fast-digesting. And cook a thick porridge. The closer to the readiness, the more we stir. That's the density of porridge should be about to get. Now we need to cool the porridge. In order for this to happen more quickly, it needs to be spread over as much as possible. chilled porridge was transferred to a bowl ...
  • 01:07: ... add one egg to it ... ... 3 tablespoons of sugar ... ... a teaspoon of baking powder ... ... to taste a little vanilla sugar. We set aside and rub on the fine grated peel of one large orange. Add the zest in the dough ...
  • 01:43: ... and add a little flour ... ... until you get something like this consistency. In principle, this is all - you can start frying. But! Our operator, when he first tried these pancakes, with every bite said that "there is not enough cherry! the cherries are not enough!" Therefore, this time we take 100 grams of dried cherries and throw it in the dough too. And here, too, two options are possible:
  • 02:24: I prefer cherry first to pour boiling water, for it to be softer in pancakes; but the operator likes it, just so that she was like this, as is, firm. Therefore, I now do as my operator likes, and you'll do it the way you like it :) Now you can definitely fry! :) Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan ... ... and lay out a spoonful of dough.
  • 02:59: By the way, I have not yet said that in the dough you can add one grated apple. The taste is not very much affected, but the consistency is quite strong. Try and so, and so - and with an apple, and without an apple - and decide, as you like more. Fry pancakes, as always, until golden brown ... and spread, as always, on napkins, spread out on a plate, to soak up excess oil. Well!
  • 03:43: Pancakes are not much more difficult to prepare than oatmeal, but how much more do you get! :) And if oatmeal cook on the water and exclude the egg, then you will get an absolutely post-vegan version :) Thank you for watching us! If you liked the recipe, share it in social networks, put us like that, subscribe to our channel, click on the bell to not miss our new recipes. And do not be afraid to experiment! :)