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The recipe of RYE ferment for baking WITHOUT BARMY BREAD  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] All greetings with you Lera and the channel is prepared with love in this video I will share with you recipe rye leaven on this sourdough we we will bake whole grain bread without yeast The sourdough recipe is very simple and easy cook at home watch the video and cook with me and please your family with a useful home
  • 00:31: bread preparation rye starter at home Believe it very simply my personal experience means we will need 100 grams of rye flour and water will be water we need so much so that we have the consistence of thick sour cream that is, at first we can simply pour
  • 01:01: water and stir the leaven is prepared from 3 to 5 days but believe you need a simple give her a couple of minutes a day nothing complicated in this we do not add more water I take the room temperature is the most common but what a good bread it turns out
  • 01:35: see and add some more water and well now stir here consistency in thick sour cream I have 100 grams of water per 100 grams
  • 02:11: rye flour, 100 grams of water and rye I leave the bowls to cover paper towel and it should stand in my warmth I'm standing in the kitchen place drafts in the closet after two days we need to feed sourdough Look, here we have it already so magnificent to from that we add another 100 grams per game
  • 02:41: rye flour and add water room temperature is normal and stir again the leaven must be like thick sour cream actually cook starter at home is absolutely just add more water now well stir well good
  • 03:20: You must store the yeast in warm place is the main condition here us leaven as thick sour cream ready now I take the jar and shift ferment in a liter jar to me so it will be more convenient for her to observe how I
  • 03:51: I will see the bubbles as it wanders I put the leaven on paper towel on top and put in a warm place friends hasten to show you my the leaven was only 10 hours old I frothed and it should be leaven works see what she is like porous now last time her add 100 more
  • 04:21: grams of rye flour as you yourself found on my experience nothing here complex there is no preparation of sourdough so we will prepare bread for leaven I hope it will be very tasty the smell is so nice add water again we must
  • 04:53: to be the consistency of thick sour cream all the same we do without changes last time when the leaven is already with us will become so porous we will insert about the pairs whether the well stir plates so what kind of kvass and fed by consistency, it's like thick
  • 05:25: sour cream all as we did before leave the glass now until the next foaming it somewhere will pass in a day maybe even less I'll tell you everything so that you can prepare the leaven in at home I cover from above a paper towel and leave in the kitchen it took 5 hours to see what kind of foamy structure
  • 05:58: has a leaven and is ready for use of see today we will do dipping on leaven and baking very Yerzhan tasty and healthy and I hlebushek I think you can see bubbles of leaven ready to use I hope you made sure with my help how easy and at home to do rye starter from it to bake fragrant breads
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