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How to make fabric foamiran with own hands.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewomen today i want you show a few ways to create tissue fokmirana here I did today in the morning like this gift case and I received more several orders for its creation I'm dying and did not find so I'm doing it itself including and here this tie is everything made of fabric in form early that I
  • 00:31: made by own hands let's go today consider several ways one of these I'm already ways showed by glutinous webs here it turned out that not all can find glue spider web and therefore I I'll tell you today than you can go replace well consider the first way with glutinous webs I I take cardboard in order not to damage that I put here fauamir further take
  • 01:01: cloth this glutinous spider web here look more closely she looks like she transparent is not non-woven fabric it's spider web here See it shines consists of the finest glue threads which are woven here in such a spiderweb sold by the meter width 1 meter in large tissue stores we take the workpiece is cut off
  • 01:32: spider web of the same size here the accuracy is not important is that spiderweb was not found less than ours blank otherwise you have then the fabric will not get stuck I always cut with small margin including iron while Heats up we will invest
  • 02:06: from above fabric cloth tentatively better just iron it look, here this one piece ironed and here here I have runs a piece of iron on and now these are all folds they can later will not stick properly so the fabric preliminary from fucking and laying foamiran of two millimeter in me but you can use
  • 02:37: and 1 millimeter shchas then a little later I will show a cobweb and on top of our fabric now take the iron heated iron I will melt away at I put the top three on top world of paper or you can parchment and iron our task melt these glutinous and they themselves by gluing the glue
  • 03:09: our so to speak a sandwich look a long time iron so as not to perry call the farmer down there then at us oak paper hot carefully turn slightly a from this side press open went out a little
  • 03:50: came out 1 it turns out so something where the me stick everything now this paper and hammer-on which I have there is too much on the edges all this is cut off and see if
  • 04:23: somewhere we do not have stick it means we with you we will iron out then again, but here I am I look that at me with all parties stuck ideally yes all beautiful pc and all this piece I can already use for further work because I turn it off twisting and nowhere is nothing this two-millimeter
  • 04:55: I have the opportunity to serve already show samples 1 millimeter Foamiran too glued all this same way it is not remained pieces phaamiran will fall away one millimeter also everything keeps hard all on the glutinous spiders wait translucent right through and through what's there tonics nowhere anywhere nothing is wrinkled but it is necessary adapt to it can not be burned so that he does not become oak here I am nut and therefore
  • 05:27: using in different your fake now that we'll see what do to those who do not have at hand such adhesive webs and paste on yes I'm here made children more blanks 3 there are different pieces here cool and paste in three different ways it means I did this joiner glue moment
  • 05:58: here he is on them in thin layer brush and just pasted but now, of course she is glue all it holds tightly I see, here I am trying tear it away hard holds but this glue seeping through fabric and has become so much even listen to which buttons on the I do not know the glass Here that is there there at us living tissue a
  • 06:29: here she is it turned out but in principle, you can and such a method use this i it simply stuck clip it here it is glue also with a brush applied to the fabric First with one hand left side and pharma wounds and all this connected also all Holds but not so hard to see here here glue pva that is tear off
  • 07:00: it is possible so now the third way is this plywood in I glued on food film used instead glutinous webs food film here let's get you and me now one piece and stick it on too hard here look , well, no. nowhere is nothing
  • 07:37: who came off if such a method who does take place to be but still the same we take fameiran appropriate this piece size fabric now take food film short shear
  • 08:10: lost so cut off piece to us necessary so straighten out film as possible more evenly laid on top of fabric
  • 08:40: and also use I can not take the paper change another sheet Sleep after paste and smooth film now with us once melts and glues these their also give a little bit rest to slightly cooled not to be transmitted
  • 09:10: form here it is already clutched a little now we give to cut off the excess this film is no longer prevented we do not have so that's an hour add another just ironing here
  • 09:47: you must already apply small effort how to imprint the fabric is all waiting well some where already begins but stick to the
  • 10:17: see this one way ask longer there Glue us quickly dissolved and glued together our ambassador and then here with film it is necessary a little longer tinker but this is the way out for those who is not glutinous fabric webs foamiran is urgently needed Well, now the plan
  • 10:52: wounds will cool down bye hot see this all soft all the extra I cut off now because we
  • 11:23: we will again ironing without paper this film is so that it not stuck to the iron I have to delete everything discard as well look also here
  • 11:54: all stick here Somewhere that wants to air bubbles now we are all this remove and now I I ironed without paper m on the fabric all waiting for when
  • 12:24: Foamiran will cool down and now again check the fortress our work to me of course most of all like the way it is with glutinous web fast beautiful evenly and I know exactly what it is reliably because Here we admit these pieces of cloth in pomeroy
  • 12:55: created a year back and that's nothing do it all glued together with glued webs all is all strong exactly look here see all the glue together maybe it is not so and I do not know Here he is a few hours and
  • 13:28: we will check the cools here is this piece which I'm pasting already two three days ago probably everything keeps hard here you see there are no gaps everything is evenly glued that is, it is an outlet for one who does not have hand gossamer fabric such is necessary well we die cold
  • 14:02: check all pasted well, here again look here's the case gift two bottles that I manufactured today in the morning and children with us used look what u I got it festive festive tie like me created this I took a tie 1 millimetric we form took organza and glued together with using glue
  • 14:34: spider webs on such little piece see you a little bit we still have a these are these large pieces of glue here it lies with me smooth and not warped but a little bit But here it is suitable for still some dwarves soon 23 February will have do a lot of such gifts and here I have already ready and farmer on and decorative
  • 15:04: whose fauiran is not was achieved through organza