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Simple Spring Salad. Crackling and Tasty! \/ Simple Spring Salad  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, my dear spectators and subscribers spring is in full swing there was a young cabbage so that we will eat young cabbage today we prepare a salad delicious simple from young vegetables cabbage cucumber and then without so much
  • 00:31: let's cook for this salad need cabbage young from grumbling how much there is a green onion dill canned corn shinkuem thinly sliced ​​cucumber quantity of vegetables we take to taste like no more green ray
  • 01:03: I'll cut it into a salad bowl maize some dill all lettuce is prepared before consumption
  • 01:41: all the same cabbage will start up juice cucumber, too, that was prepared to eat a little salt stir the salad left to refill sour cream homemade mayonnaise Well, here already in its own and only sour cream has only one mayonnaise mix and
  • 02:14: we use try we add what not grabs type of salt pepper lettuce ready to eat left to try here very tasty freshness crunch vegetables
  • 02:45: cabbage Fresh spring cucumber you eat and you feel so spring in the yard so I advise you to prepare such a simple fresh spring salad please your loved ones see my video like video put like go to my channel subscribe and before new meetings and all of you kind