Purchases for knitting with aliexpress (markers, spokes, the Tunisian hooks)  See details »

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  • 00:00: shopping on aliexpress Hello everyone I want to talk about today my last purchases on aliexpress me I buy there basically only handicraft accessories but at me they quite suit normal quality and and are very cheap very large selection a lot interesting kyzy powerful tools and I already bought the devices there myself first I want to talk about bear
  • 00:32: hooks in described all this simultaneously the harbor not later than all more precisely if it is also almost simultaneously but for a long time there is a little mess in the post office it turned out to be a phone call invited me at the same time about the cake here gave out these markers but as the pens did not say anything This was not tracked and therefore I
  • 01:04: did not know what not to lick on the mail but nothing everything was fine itself main hooks me I got them finally the dimensions itself a lot of sizes here is the biggest eight something a little dirty not affliction Gladenkie such here they are heavy and
  • 01:34: 1 knitter where we complained what's behind and hard because the hooks here these heavy well from thick yarn I think adjust not so often i have a see well, at least when it is necessary to be the they I have and here are many
  • 02:08: different sizes here for a much smaller good handling does not like such The smooth comfortable hook itself is good do not hook the cop and these are the thin ones hooks many sizes of thin nets more she started dvoechki and then the fifth number three and a half four five and a half
  • 02:38: two-something three so probably up to 2 and a half at all Cases of life I'm very glad that they have me when need and they are at my fingertips the painting is not very good here
  • 03:10: qualitatively new galaxies to your throats so do not worry, I think they useful there is such a way when here The roll is 30 centimeters but you can You can use a very wide canvas in a few tricks he somehow I will try to show this method and sometimes they like me better than this by the length
  • 03:45: fishing lines because of the fact that no more smoothly such a head although honestly and long and then the subject it's also convenient to knit bamboo and here more such markers, this marker is from me I too old is quite happy to this she bought a crow from me just flew in the hands of all And these very strong I use it already several years and none has broken
  • 04:19: links will be under the video ringlet from me there was just the rest of the carpet and that's it. such markers who call them pumpkins who call them pear-shaped convenient and very convenient to attach them to canvas and can be hung on the spoke even here on such plump here 8 number
  • 04:49: quite normal genesis beautiful multicolored has bought more another set of spokes I do not even remember how many rooms if anyone is interested then on the link look at the fact that these are the panties metal in braid and this
  • 05:19: tile with time spoils from cling fork loops have time from time to change and I see a lot of different numbers especially closely guarded number 34 and so here again I bought read reviews that on a blue cardboard box
  • 05:50: In principle, knitting needles is known to me before this was on a black cardboard box and exactly such for I did not notice the difference here is this That 's the same. spoils with time if you knit a lot now it is very moisture not to the transition is inconspicuous from the needle to that fishing line or how to name a little town of water in each and
  • 06:22: such here I do not know as to name the tool to determine the size they were able to have them already the sea I did not I use because I see everything seamlessly method but nothing will be wrong so here I have new purchases and on today everything is up to new meetings