Airy cottage cheese and pumpkin baked pudding.  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi friends today we will cook cottage cheese pumpkin casserole is suitable breakfast like your children for preparations for us need sex kg low-fat home cottage cheese floor kilograms of purified pumpkin cut it into small random pieces we need a zest
  • 00:31: 1 lemon 100 grams of sugar two tablespoons starch 100 grams butter we also need 4 chicken eggs we separate yolks from proteins three tablespoons breadcrumbs and spices to us need sex a teaspoon of cinnamon and quite a bit vanillin or you can replace us with a teaspoonful vanilla sugar for
  • 01:01: start cooking take the third part butter and on her fry the pumpkin and we melt the rest Butter yet fried in frying pan pumpkin with a mixer melted butter with with egg yolks sugar and cinnamon and vanillin adding here one peel of one lemon whisk till such homogeneous mass
  • 01:31: further whipped mass add cottage cheese and starch and whisk until homogeneity cooled pumpkin grind the blender to puree state of then we beat proteins to a lush mass half whipped proteins are added to curd weight
  • 02:02: now that's all we need gently mix to homogeneity we will bake in such a collapsible metallic form preliminary and greased with oil and a little sprinkling breadcrumbs breadcrumbs first layer to the bottom lay out chopped pumpkin on we place cottage cheese mass on the curd masses sprinkle remaining breadcrumbs breadcrumbs
  • 02:32: we send in well preheated oven our form for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees later 20 minutes place above remaining proteins level them all over surface and send back to oven for another 15-20