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  • 00:00: and all greetings and with you Turks school today we will cook pumpkin pie is very very tasty and you can say practically dietary that is for those girls which constantly they say that he again There is no flour there will be no flour everything is real here very very useful products so if someone interesting stay with me so to start take pumpkins here this tag on which of which in Turkey sweet is preparing for me I think that the girl who live in
  • 00:30: Turkey knows what it means this pumpkin is such We cut the pieces into very very small pieces that's what we have here I got it finely cut this pub means before put in the form i smeared it with creamy oil so that it does not burnt and fell behind all right now proceed to next layer then we take the cottage cheese not saline add it contains sugar can sugar-free
  • 01:00: if absolutely absolutely straight on the diet further manku here we drive in eggs and I want a little bit more modify this I will add the recipe here a peel of one lemon added lemon more accurately zest and again gagging add
  • 01:30: vanilla sugar 1 sachet and all this mass we take and whisk blender if someone does not usually not all frameworks very trying to do so that all this mixed and was this homogeneous puree to our fill or the second layer was more liquid add here a couple of spoons yoghurt if someone has sour cream is great add sour cream and
  • 02:02: stir again blender and here is our curd mass too ready now we are just lay out on our pumpkin neatly so how is valya that's all our our dessert is practically ready now put it into the oven for 180 minutes degrees for 30 minutes you do you want to say
  • 02:33: it's not just this elementary but so delicious and you only look at it in cn and you glow about God what smell smell here this cottage cheese baked know with vanilla sugar pumpkin god this is the fragrance just what it is he reduces the sum honestly cook everything, try it I'm sure you are very like it because but it really is stunning taste very gentle very thin no words, he still
  • 03:03: I want you hot show see how he cuts you it see he generally like me I do not know how pudding some barking can not all and according to your discretion of course this pie can be decorate cream if already these in turkey then straight 2 site minutes and is ready and will be very much even rats it can also be pour some syrup eg to sugar and juice
  • 03:33: lemon in general all that your heart desires me I will not be anything watered nothing decorate my eat with ease unusually and without any decorations but this is for you meditation that is you can like this to think of something for festive table that's all I hope what video to you liked it if it so put like that and subscribe to my channel also then go to our
  • 04:03: group in contact turkish cook all links i I'll leave it under nice video appetite and thanks for your view so far till let him still hot but I can not help but try out fantasy my god no words fiction already my hell I'm all
  • 04:34: said that I'm on a diet appeared