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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone we are with you again remember the famous grandmother's square and this time in aspect of pillows on basis of such a square can be tie everything together and sweaters and dresses and plates and well set all if but today
  • 00:32: we speak and pillow it's not just pillows with similar tones it two pillows connected do not look alike what they look like equally or 2 was still I'm so lying spit 2 and here such that is dependence from the mood you can do more dark version can
  • 01:03: make the light and here such pads knit like I am already said on the basis of very famous grandmother's square how is this square today i took a simple yarn Children's novelty in it 50 grams of red 180 meters that is its
  • 01:35: too much and not will be needed what do we do I'll draw and I'll show you the basics At first I'll show you at once cushion look tails from the center the chain is closes into a ringlet and further we we unite in
  • 02:05: every row we knit chain of 3 air loops risunochek we see conduct square it connect the following series we are again in the same side in this feature you can do it there and back but since picture here is done in gap between previous drawings then there is no particular difference backtrack
  • 02:36: or in a circle and so make a chain of 6 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 and close it in ringlet that is enter the first loop grab a thread stretch through first loop and through loop on the hook then connect
  • 03:07: working thread with thread under the tail and we continue to knit two threads do 3 air hinges and we untying 2 more column with crochet 1 and 2 we make 2 air loops are these glasses
  • 03:37: air loops it will be the little corners our square and we sew three more column with crochet 1 in center of a circle 2 and 3 we make 2 more air Loops glasses and three more a column with a crochet in the center of this
  • 04:08: circle 2 and 3 again whether air loops and look once two three groups columns with us make the fourth a group of three billets with crochet 1 2 3 2 air loops glasses and in the first
  • 04:41: enter the hook grab a thread stretch and through loop on the hook we got four group of columns of 3 and correspondingly four of these chains on these chains we will have corners a in the corner we we chain
  • 05:13: previous row 3 column with a crochet 2 air loops glasses and 3 columns with a crochet that's the way you are called corners all over the row, knitting just in between these are between the three bars and other to fasten 3 bars all here I will be this connection and so we make 3 air loops 1 2 3 and
  • 05:45: as if a little bit stepping back here here in the chain do two bars with 1 and 2 slightly as if backwards so here the don was cut out well this is us zavyazhemsya for 3 instead of one we have 3 3 air loops 2 more under the next
  • 06:16: corners we do also three bars with the crochet 1 2 and 3 2 air loops and three more bars with накидом 1 2 3 so here are some
  • 06:47: air loops we only on corner and here it is we will already be party square and here we are do nothing therefore further we unbind the following chain of three a column with a crochet 2 and 3 here are three you knit 2 air loops glasses 3 more and that's the way it is to she is from every one of you
  • 07:20: chain for each chain we are tying here are two groups posts a3 next corner doing 1 2 3 [music] 2 loops and again 1 2 three here we are
  • 07:57: almost throughout square returned to the first corner in each nookie us on group 2 and here We are the only one hence we do here second group columns of 3 1 2 3 so now we untie it two air loops
  • 08:27: spectacles enter the hook into the first column is more precise that's the same chain in her up we stretch out a thread and through the loop on hook here we have it's already possible to see which square large enough and further we knit such a figure we have a square here how much do we need there are so many do this on this pads with us
  • 08:57: now I will delete it a little bit here look at this Pillows we have but he has a circle of 1 to that is first row 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 are these ryadochkov when we tied one native
  • 09:29: we cut off the side calm thread and we begin to knit the second side is accurate so do 16 rows and after that we take edge add two here so here's one to another apply facets outside and start crochet like this
  • 10:01: connect common columns without crochet finishing loop finishing thread knit by the square tied it will not just we have a seam and still and from the girl before how to sew the last one the last side we invest here a pillow but here and all
  • 10:33: our pillow is ready we made one the side is darker the other side more brightly and here so as I said in the we can begin depending on mood to do or that's so cute a pair of light pads so how do far away and already all this our limit is here such a pair of pads
  • 11:03: pretty light or rotate them reverse side when you have another mood we turned their other side and it turned out very pretty i it is also time a little bit like darker if to this you also pick up good beautiful you will make an oath it will be all for yes wonderful it is possible by the way the captivity done
  • 11:33: from such large squares interleaving theirs is so bright dark light dark will be very cute look here you small ideas get knit pleasure and great to you creative successes bye Bye