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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends continue tell you how do lace lace after we you made a cord what do we do next we take the machine special thing and its can be drawn from any improvised it can to be styrofoam some kind of insulation sponge any where to can be to fasten ours with you
  • 00:31: drawing and where will be it's good to keep our these ones pins tablet machine for lace as you please it can be called I put a leaf with drawing and begin lay out I'll start the lace here from here to you it was visible and understandable put somewhere in some specific place of strings and chained him to
  • 01:02: striped neatly all of these turns we fix say come here here at us from the turn petal again all these twists and turns flagellum required fix the look also that our caterpillar is nowhere
  • 01:32: turning over blowing sheob she did not rotate but lay alone certain side when they go sharp points can be do like this now I will show you closer how to fold it here thus , yes and get a corner and when will we do Setochku we just here this moment under send a thread and all and she will be with us autumn 3 beautiful no difficulties Here to invent and not
  • 02:03: you need it like this connect them and pin and so here we lay out the cord according to our figure Gradually here at us, too, corners can you do can be round again, like this fold this cord that there was a corner and pin and again
  • 02:33: further spread on pattern I have a pattern selected so that as much as possible less to cut the cord in principle, I could have practically not lick it all up time promised to show means cut look, suppose you need to trim in some specific
  • 03:04: place here I have here striped and I need it right here. cropped here I her then I connect it together here you are so together see but here how would lamb like me I take a couple of pieces more slightly and cut let's leave this we are this piece we clean from pieces slightly dissolve and
  • 03:40: here again here this we 'll do a little bit uzelochki draw out thread and tighten it and all that is here is this the part goes down we will not be that we delayed it and here I am just here I will lay down code put here since this edge
  • 04:11: blossoming means this one blossom out not these Choose pieces and we look that is with one side, he dissolves from the other side does not it is everything here to be a little bit more careful as a bit of a loop sticking out gives me sideways is also simple I miss this thread in a loop so that when I have it sew up the loop will not be
  • 04:41: me sticking around and will be neat go on and on stack as I need here for example here we have I still have this slice of small short with his now I'll put here and here it is also necessary it will be cut off Yes, here I cut off then there is a couple 5 lambs take extra but cut it out from me will not go down side all is not dissolves this
  • 05:11: will blossom therefore superfluous we remove this change throw out since a pair of lambs I had them taken dissolve and I will have a tail which I can quietly tighten and lay down so how is my blue here here is the blue put end them here a
  • 05:41: bright already to light side like this the way we clip shoelace when he tells us need and apply where is this piece it is required here we will have it lie on it goodbye to you all good to new meetings