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  • 00:00: hello hello everyone hello my name is Julia you are on the channel payment therapy today me another portion of delicious food yummy fabric men's fabric really glasses now we will open the package cloth ears and yet despite heavy that it is well packaged but actual Weight is six kilos and already the tissue of the is in a parcel neatly I open to not damage the Irtysh and to win course there are no bumps of yummy
  • 00:32: fabrics from the store from the world my favorite shop where you constantly update fabrics of shares in general I'm happy with the whole price ukraine the very first 100 on what I pay attention price-quality fast service in general my words thanks to this store for the fact that I have the opportunity to sew myself these fabrics you like to advise
  • 01:03: dependence of the tissue dependent so cut then there I said I see someone already written that my honor is the hour of cloth with embroidery so it 's also two kinds of watch like this person or purl is that person it means this is such here to Nyusho chko as jim embroidery look but it is thin
  • 01:35: like a shirt shirt blouse dress on here such are the most delicate florets and cloth abalone is we do not have it without stress look at all not elastic pleasant soft and on the dress and on the shirt someone wanted to pay now probably have to sew to buy more check the stripes to paint It dazzled it turns out this is such a nezhnenky not knowing you are older in the bark
  • 02:07: buzovaja and still a slice I think oh what beautiful but here the red flowers are therefore not here it's just nyasha oh what a cool look and this with red flowers such as Ming generally cool any blouse means what I see a blouse or dress-trapeze look immediately as I I see you here at Keystone assembly on from sleeve advertising and hand raglan
  • 02:39: prisboren and you can lower your shoulder to raise that is such here magnificent sleeve I can already see a tunic board Now I'll see if this is enough for this dress okay short dress tunic Here is such a clay in general is a dress tunic can be flicked or lace at the bottom red hides or white such lace how homespun can be sewn and here
  • 03:09: will be good to combine very cool flowers well you know my color red favorite then look here imitation manual embroidery is such a pigtail here and here same embroidery And so the fabric and the color is different more in light blue it is more than 7 then they have a shade literally for one a shade here it is more dark than what from Skates in general I like the most gentle here
  • 03:39: For the summer and see the advantage I do not like you know the fabrics that are very crumble hard look well, so bends but burst out c vobsche well, what kind of code means what ? like a cloth on flax with embroidery probably there is captivity Well, what a cool in my here this one yet how to look at this fabric as
  • 04:09: A companion can be either to this in general cool here with this dress should either Some dress with a lush skirt too even a long sundress will be generally cool multilayered that is it is possible to make wide and the call to gather in the warehouse is this the cloth it's very simple to me so what a big it is cool already now I think that okay site will shirt with this dress go further class in general class natural see what classy opaque
  • 04:41: very beautiful embroidery is simply simple yummy the next too yummy so you need to close somewhere in the cave and sew a dress so share some cloth threads so do not look at you You can touch the beauty below what the Georgian
  • 05:11: such and such a fabric just a bit from the building look how You can do it all at once, I say ideas how would I immediately here is something that immediately I see well this if the first means this one is not there I 'll pick it up now. then this is what I see all at once The skirt of a lush fold is laid out so this it's a very beautiful sin to cut it off well or sleeves
  • 05:44: that is, you should be a skirt and on top sew a sarafan or some kind of so much more unpretentious all the way up the accent on the skirt is very beautiful but also the sleeve Of course it will be cool not like it at all although it does not touch yet A lively feeling when you see the cloth quite different as in the picture lace sewn up and above then here that is note is not very amazing, it's the same as thin jeans but he is such as this between
  • 06:16: cotton and jeans are very soft pleasant generally lower movies and see how they cool combine these here in colors here if you order please see these are the colors of 2 fabrics you can sew suit skirt and for example up striped as in the style of my beloved dolce simply I adore that is, these two are just ideally to read further Also combined with this and the site fabric now thread this is cut so
  • 06:47: here we have petals of flowers or clover, or is it just these flowers and leaves are very beautiful see this end of the stretch well you know my love for the meeting so it's very cool, too, then what? dress in the style of bokho with ruches it seems to me from a lush sleeve sweat right this fabric there is a dress-trapezoid here it is also very beautiful, too, I do not know now I
  • 07:18: confused and it fits here in confusion from just very beautiful at all lower to what next look guys then our top on what feels like this how exactly as before was the cry of the soul The most tender flowers are the supersoft most likely men are beautiful and easy to shock, and yes , my favorite color is this
  • 07:52: In circles, the tail generally lies I hate my class very much delicious tastiest print all at once the smell of summer is somewhere around 10 days come come quicker than snow so the next we have more on such here it seems to me that here here under this cloth and sarafanchik with spaghetti straps such
  • 08:24: lower secret dark blue color please see and by the way will also be combined, that's all these fabrics guys know that to someone they combine to show take any of these tissues this strip it or see it or this is it or here is that very fine thin where she is Here they can all be combined see how steep this strip and these flowers but just a bomb is even easy
  • 08:54: Girdles or sleeves are famously combined so I hope the monica will not fall probably I will take everything to me already gift speech took away from beauty so the next Just show that the dummy does not fall because it's hard for him natural all beautiful years did not eat all that much further apricot peach type is also not obtained
  • 09:30: see what's set to Th there is the direction of the drawing is here the flowers are clearly see in one direction here in our straight summer bouquet grass meadow knapweed Voloshka is conducted a daisy and rosette but everything is very great beautiful flowers this is also very delicate sauchik I show on my arm to see it was
  • 10:00: opacity see here is my hand see generally transparent fabrics alek also very beautiful coloring is so straight grade further down he is my beautiful then I do not even know what to call this color means it's as ashy-gray Sera pepe that's exactly this sulfur ashy color gray ashy pink that's dusty rose even very beautiful this show pocket
  • 10:30: the color looks like this color is the guys he looks very expensive you know like this Here it is direct so look what stunning is when you need somewhere How to go so that everything behind the wall is some kind of the coolest here and now look jersey which is perfect in color then there is here look that is it can be Blouse with a bow of a wide sleeve this from above
  • 11:01: and below we sew a skirt a pencil here such here with a high waist in order to emphasize the narrowest places it can be and trapezoid it maybe a pencil or a pants with this goose, that is, look at the ideal the combination is generally just perfect they fit each other with a stiff joystick look me ask you for features in than the difference between jersey and French jersey see the smoothness so finely and
  • 11:31: weaving the very jersey and very very very large extensibility with it can be sew all he did not see the pound as Do not shed this jersey at all bombing quality the most fashionable is that Well this season, well, this cell is generally all the fabrics are I honestly say this to you the latest fashion all fabrics are really very fashionable because I'm still after all
  • 12:01: after all, and look what my watch who is combined with this cloth then they can be sewn together blouse with this skirt you see that guys knew that these fabrics they are ideal for This color is suitable for this color too. gorgeous ugly though the whole coast to myself I leave well it is impossible so it is impossible makes such a beauty look septic tank elastic I show the elasticity here
  • 12:32: see this is his elasticity very beautiful coloring and generally simple and then we have to the country, too, cages plaintiff sailboats no longer press on very nicely I for some reason I see this fabric combined with white lace that is, either from below sewn or top before sewing on sleeves , this end
  • 13:03: lace will be very beautiful here it is she This more in the style of Provence is more strictly because the drawing of a larger class on a suit that's see if this is soft then here comes the costume fabric dense here this is what I am now get it out of the cage, it's so elastic guys, just look at this. costume fabric but it's like knitting everything I fell in love with her
  • 13:34: kombez linden pants livery you know with such red flowers what now do I have to do in general now write that we see each other before your see they are not a suit you myself, she's gone look me You tried to imagine it I really knit his jersey with a suit kai because he has qualities like suit fabric and then it came to me that this is knitwear
  • 14:04: he knows what it is like to dive but it not diving and not microfiber can be he is called presses on it much see it's really quality and cool God how lovely just because I decided to stew percent see just I have bag gray there shoes red well how this is such a knit tight can be seen that this is the jersey I really
  • 14:35: tried to costume kai because he had quality is simply above all praise very beautiful look how much all perfectly traced it exactly the same quality knitwear is only more gentle grows to pink from the world of cloth you take me killing the beauty I now do not know what me to do and where to run at all all the guys I need in the cave to take from cloth and cover the cover of the critic
  • 15:08: someone wrote about the mad hamster also I'm class it's very beautiful in general general now you know what we will sew I do not know what the first because I want to sew all at once and I have when they attack Here is a point at once you want everything In general, yummy is unrealistic, I I honestly say that I advise buy probably all that's here you see buy shake quality bomb this summer is understandable this one is like him
  • 15:42: Natural it does not crumple if somewhere in office dress just me even see guys how much I overcame the cloth in I tried this cloth with a suit because it is not real cool huge in general, I want all the same emotions cool emotions of the same class tasty links in the description under the video who still doubts or did not order fabrics in this store I really need you from I recommend myself because the fabrics are steep
  • 16:12: at such prices, you do not find it one hundred percent because I lapacho internet in search of cloth every day and that's what I found it know as a unicorn all about him heard but no one saw now you see what they are exist all the same cool mood as I'm crossing the link leave your comments and wishes about the style so as you see that you would like to sew from this fabric because your ideas are important to me too
  • 16:43: know that I'm listening to my viewers and answer all comments hack garn all up to speedy meetings so far till