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Sharpening of a saw chain from the chiansaw on the machine bought in OB, my detailed instruction  See details »

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  • 00:00: good sun turned out Good day impressive channel youtube today we will hone this Chainsaw chain cherry and mediocre she is called the champion bought it for sample but for home completely suitable first I
  • 00:30: I will explain directly to you face as it works here this one here she has a sharpener this is the kind of this flag stopper which in general regulates the supply with this bolt on it The frame here is this bolt clamps the chain between these two
  • 01:00: lips and here she is the echosounder's head corrected that is it the very remnant she turns 60 degrees light at 70 even with the score but then there is still check bolt which is the depth of cut that is, if you afraid i'll sharpen already the prize liked the depth cut off from me in general it comes from Hands but if uvaritsya for example that you chain
  • 01:30: grooves farther than relies on this adjust the bolt depth of cut ie you see, yes, this one The thing she lowers and raises this one a stone that is he or falls below either football then he hinders subsidence all this is clear then there is a drop
  • 02:00: so here we exhibit degrees yes we need 30 degrees at cross cramps sharpen it if eg longitudinally Ed I already tried date of the eyes are missing better 10 Here we take the ball here she is with us in general you are talking about Here and so its
  • 02:30: let's go into it in this silk so called clamping between these two lips and that she us that's what she fidgeted herself and now put here this checkbox put this flag we regulate so that we got a tooth here on stone but not much
  • 03:03: fell into a tooth and started source for two or three times and that's it correct it like this a bit more can be file here that is yes, here it is now it's normal now clamp this tooth till include this and I went here a lot Of course, here we are a little less to do that is here so that little
  • 03:34: there is sharpening here in this manner further when you imprisoned I want it all with one country teeth have an edge it through one single tooth has a sharpening we point to another here corner is one here another here is not will come alternately so just first one side because that every time tannin that's how to wag you
  • 04:04: you will not back and forth and twist I apologize for the words began to live in the village this is the second year force is exactly the second year lived married could so in general as a swelling swelling words of those who I did not know well before begin when did you catch this sound yes that is me
  • 04:35: I'll show you now weaken move this sound not that than because he sees yes in another the side looks move through one tooth and sharpened next and so here is the whole circuit in a circle then change to 30 degrees and why other side and drove on he
  • 07:35: here's one side which position all the way
  • 08:06: now turn 60 degrees and we will get others the other side of the service are located in another the country Here's a general for everything about
  • 11:04: it all took about 15 minutes and do not forget to grind this one restrictive hem but only slightly file like this otherwise you the church will be sawing since the program is already u stop you here this that's just so we say the level will be
  • 11:36: equally this edge will interfere with the chain cut like mine neighbor but in my opinion my gunner so to speak bought this machine a use not can sharpen chains says reads chain is not petrograd and the edge there will be no floors such is this thing here is a thrombus restrictive that is not necessary download below here
  • 12:06: this tooth that level was lower when it will be the same here it will be in general then everything is now me correct on your eyes for saw is clear chrome canvas finished now corrected sends leave us even
  • 12:37: do not tell disc more rudely It turns out and although I disk can be done Here and so did quite Here I am
  • 13:22: comparative edge above each link on the and that's what we personally have I do not know the light already of course not enough on behind . Yes, you can see here's a tooth and how a store and even better then there is a machine in general coping with its with its functions
  • 13:55: for 100 percent great thing even I do not regret at all that he gave for him in generally one and a half thousands though now he it is a shame that overpaid linked costs you 500 rubles Here and so for 15 minutes you can sharpen the chain having saved 100 rubles probably time by the way yet
  • 14:25: saving because the chain needs somewhere grind away some master could to become definitely not the most prikol that this chain which is about who told neighbor sharpened and not pulled out the edge here this restrictive yes, see she that is, it must below be this tooth tooth edges to saw sawed
  • 14:56: and before that he gave for 150 in our region some kind of asshole sharpen the chain and ear they imprisoned but edge of the torus is not cut and she did not saw him one the neighbor is excusable because he does not professional so say this machine just just bought but the theme you give fucking all my life with it is engaged before professionally sharpens fucking us machine tools
  • 15:26: automatic as they say although we fucked the edge was not cut Thanks a lot to all for attention with you was doctor lecturer to all bye Bye