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Home-made ice cream (creamy ice cream). the recipe with a photo  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone on the Culinary Channel mixes with you kristina Today we will cook very delicious homebrew this is a simple and quick recipe stay together with me and we will cook for cooking home-made seals to us need cream can take fat content is 33 35 percent but if you have cream less fat, then you can use thickener for cream also we will need condensed milk and vanilla sugar 7 grams of tea will be are indicated in the description under the video
  • 00:33: cream pour into a deep bowl where we will beat pre-cream we cool in The refrigerator is also better to cool down and an hour and whisk which you will beat see the cream I have homemade but they not very fat do not know how they are vzobyutsya so I'll probably add thickener for cream maybe I will not while I poured into the bowl cream and add vanilla sugar start whipping the cream on small revolutions
  • 01:05: as the pictures begin to thicken us beards if you have cream a little liquid then whip somewhere minute and then add the thickener to cream and keep whipping thanks he's got cream for you I did not manage to cream the cream very thick I have added a thickener to cream now in 3 stages add evaporated milk and mix it with
  • 01:35: basic weight 3 with cream on small revs Here so until a homogeneous mass I'm all mixed now take the capacity where we will be freeze let's say, let's say our ice cream shift now cover the food film and send it to the freezer Well, I usually put a camera on at night. More often than an hour for 10 ice cream I got
  • 02:06: from the freezer and we stayed for 20 at I'm just on the table at room I sprinkled it with nuts and look at this ice cream we have here it turned out that it was very tasty quickly is being prepared be sure to prepare this option it's better than buying pleasant to you appetite and do not forget to subscribe to channel and before new meetings