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Petunia Vzoshla. What to Do is farther. (A step 2 after crops).  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, gardeners and truck farmers again meet with you yuli I change on the canal in the garden or in the garden and today I want to show you that result when we sowed petunia It was soaked with a koleus in peroxide how does it feel as it rises video can see is this she is with me now despite the fact that it stands under the feet all the same it is still a bit under stretches because the drawback is It's worth it on the shelf that
  • 00:33: are not in front of the window but still this is a deaf corner wall rack Well Well now I'll open the furniture and I will show you these here and yes, above small or unpretentious shoots of the same we act at this moment here as Only they appear we begin to be engaged here such juve this jewelry work is necessary sprinkle the ground for plants to make them
  • 01:05: further did not stretch to do it it is necessary as soon as sprouts appear we slightly like salting the ground and here then or a knife or at this moment I have here's the fork so you see the plastic I I start gently to fall asleep neatly plant with earth when you sprinkle here such a loose ground bevel face projection 100 does not forget if you are even a little bit like that, as though the earth
  • 01:38: getting on a petunia leaf anyway then it will break and will be all it's okay here we come from Coleus he also went very well then we cover necessarily again here so create a greenhouse effect and petunia we send under the paws to have access to light so that it does not It stretched and of course it is desirable to reduce temperature where it is possible already
  • 02:08: 20 degrees so that it does not stretch and Here in this state there is not yet there will be real leaves of petunia will now grow here in this kind of boy Well, here's another overview of mine Petunias which we just sat down with hydrogen peroxide that this option seed processing is the result on the face
  • 02:39: with you was Julia Vanya his on the channel in whether the garden is in the garden till