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Modeling open fitting of a raincoat of a simple cut from gold Jacquard with violet snakes Part 1  See details »



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  • 00:00: you are on the channel of fashionable practice remind that we have a video every day I promised you to work less with missile tissues this season because Well, I think that a lot already learned and promised to show you their own projects of an en-gine wardrobe as to show from the beginning to the end we you already but saw the baby some were prepared for me leather handbag this we have so far put off our coat the longest from the beginning to the end all of you
  • 00:31: showed how we developed it there How did you do the preparatory work and showed the finished product well and it's time think about the fact that soon we will all warm up saw my golden dress which bees for the course to him, the gold is both gold bag but I decided to become perfect gold and I have here such here step from golden lilac snakes look what charming snakes well and I want from these charming snakes very much to make easy absolutely summer plaschik it already when
  • 01:01: that's just so very warm light such not strongly closed crying so I can throw on the gold dress or on a black skirt with a blouse or with something else to take the golden clutch and stroll back and forth very reluctantly so to walk so that I'm chic looked look what charming snakes jacquard is not so fat in our sale he is not the same cat is a simple self once bought a piece well and now I already having gold shoes from the hall that bag
  • 01:32: as it were already ripe , something does something for him yourself but where to start telling the beginnings with sketch see with us The simplest absolutely primitive raincoat 4 adjustments for buttons I'll tell you now I'll show you the buttons a little bit about them slightly flattened shoulder slightly the length of the raincoat will be wide. middle of the knee and he is so wide of tin
  • 02:04: cue and absolutely 1 coat is very wide tenge relaxed sleeve Here is such an absolutely cloak here even painted more under the neck I want Here and so but a little bit but it's me already for example, how to work cutout well what half-aisle uniforms around my neck two braids and darts and all not some kind of left very extended slightly so here wide raincoat but you saw the material This cloak yet to be modified and to buy still here such kind 2
  • 02:34: frills of chiffon will look out at me from under the sleeves and at the bottom of the product this chiffon we have here it will be here so look out from underneath the product but he will have us fastening ruffles will be on such a tape there will be such small buttons are plastic and he's like this down the cloak where the bend will be just like this we will be fastened here Defending probably 2 but all of course
  • 03:04: My mood will be understood by these I am either modestly defensive fence chic imagine how it will be beautiful when we have chiffon frills will be fastened here so from under the sleeves and to the bottom well it is inconvenient to sew, of course chiffon and in the jacquard bows incarnate and when they are removable of such transparent buttons are very cute it will be below me will be gold sandals and of course this ruffle will be Separate sandals from the playground and theme
  • 03:36: with tightening and removable frills as if we will walk through this cloak in detail look how much I already have you all told when of course we will do we will demonstrate everything on the finished product how do these ruffles look like they will be on tape and how they will be attracted to Cloak both on the sleeve and on the bottom of the product I'm very keen to beat a bit smart and Various and even more willing to for me, the chic variety was
  • 04:07: many so we will have to work me this is such a jacquard magical lilac snakes gold here such chiffon which elegantly fits the color this I would call it a lavender these are the snakes and chiffon absolutely fuse these are the buttons we have there were sales of Italian I have 4 buttons look into our internet store buttons will be selling already very good quality high
  • 04:37: look how it will look chic on fabric but the lining I do not want to look for in color carries with me just this kind of hurt lining let this beige be here because I want out of silk and I want to bet but I want all the same that the lining a little bit he kept I have a dress like this lining well come from what we have here is to run around the shops now look for a lining with more in color for me no time just plain beige the lining is elegantly fastened buttons here are beautifully kept
  • 05:09: and other buttons look into our online store you will find they so did we remove the buttons we remove jacquard we remove chiffon we remove lining all we remove shtarinochku Here is our sketch and it turns out that I will two cloaks to one such chic snakes and the second such plus to that chic frills frills will be very air chiffon chiffon silk because with polyester chiffon of
  • 05:40: never anything airy and you'll do well and proceed to modeling what's here we need to model on what to pay attention it is necessary to free I have a little arm to do a little bit stocking translate shoulder oblique tuck and I want him to be like this here so free to us not that he was freer than a kisu 1 so here and threw it I nowhere strained because every thing carries different perform different tasks Here I put this plastic task
  • 06:10: proceed now we will simulate But of course there are a lot of How to make a pattern more free how to adapt its tank shirt style to this we passed neat shirt we have repeatedly passed already a little bit deflated shoulder but I Today I want you to work very hard carefully because we are working with basic with a new one and move away from the base which is so tight to you here is to
  • 06:40: such a thing is a little bit so free tin kai and I went another way here I do not even cut off the shelf from back before applying an armhole and today I work a little way with the armhole its here so I push in order to release the armhole now be very very very attentive very, very from mountains avalanche but centimeter 3 s I take off my neck of course on the shoulder well here a little removing all the same this
  • 07:12: crying is not necessary behind the neck strongly To open here well well ahead on eyes can be centimeter 45 here and so for example on the 5th round center I'm not transferring yet signed the center passing the center of the back but already as though our all know where at us center passing center of back I when I do such things I just remember that we and the new have disciples Well, I think that everyone knows what's going on here.
  • 07:42: this is the center of the transfer here is this center of the back we have then we apply our dart We introduce a breastplate here well a little bit reaching the waist oblique tuck all about the slanting ditch know that we then and and here
  • 08:13: see on the wall under the ruler and when we and we reel a little bit doing this line concave here a little bit such concave all I will show and this one The lower part here of the casino will be larger than here we now cut off so the bottom part is never here these points to combine with cut will show here I cut off these points, here they are, yes theirs
  • 08:44: You can not bring it not to combine and that's it. this lower here is to get from the top of the head We throw this lower CASINO more We deduce we deduce here always something will be tied here because I now I will close here however the hay cloth here is another this duck they are now the same on paper and on cloth this one the part will always be near it close you see a breast tuck, yes, that's our The dart has opened but we will mix not in a straight line a a little bit like this and so a little bit
  • 09:15: a little bit a little like this bent lines concave well and here naturally also here it should be when down this will go from a concave line, but we want to drive the code to him means that we from the end of baking cut back in the armhole and well centimeters one for a little more than one and a half here
  • 09:47: here here we open here I draw a new pattern when you close tuck on the shoulder is always this angle always adjusting the inclination varies so here we are 5-6 meters always you will see that was not on inclined and here we cut this corner
  • 10:18: Now here is our the dart has decreased due to this the same on the back cut off the throat and tear out the morning translate dart go to the neck right here. Here I love in such areas the neck this is now close our exhibition shoulder and tuck here our shoulder
  • 10:52: it turned out to be a throat but that's not all part of the dart is opened here this the twig will be reduced from the same slightly reduce the volume of a as we reduce the volume of the foot here at least themselves millimeters for 7 because we have what the dart remains ours . now look Here it is what we have but due to the fact that we relax the armhole it has with us decreases a little this way
  • 11:23: and now we will lower the shoulder deepen the armhole to draw a new prime and I will circle it all in purple a marker so you understand what is going on a speech you know that I like deflated shoulder two and a half seam humerus still does not go down but give extra freedom first that we We lower the shoulder of a centimeter by two and a half
  • 11:55: and you can down 3 centimeters shoulder is also okay two and a half and two and a half deepen the armhole now our here is this is the groove of the prime
  • 12:36: and beautifully encircle the new armhole Our shoulder down the back of us almost ready But that 's not all we need freedom hence we here to the side seam still add a centimeter and a half to 2 reduced by one and a half expanded and
  • 13:09: Our new prime and from here down straight under the ruler, we draw a line around the line shoulder Our here is a marker with a lilac our new neck our dart which we have after all preserved though not completely but there is absolutely flat at me absolutely equal
  • 13:52: but we have not talked here the back is ready for 2 reduced here they are 2 on a half-centimeter withdraw will add width of our armhole here it is depth deflated shoulder well here in
  • 14:27: This place is ahead in this place you do not need to add much was like this on this in this occupation we are with you completely approached how to work with the bodice so you do not go wrong now.
  • 15:02: look at the back as neatly on the shelf is more arched how elegant it is to see how much our prime has changed darting well and here from here like this We are all
  • 15:36: a year and a half and a half and went down exactly here one and a half and down we leave exactly even more here we take the attack then I
  • 16:09: why here more took to here too there were freedoms to draw center transfer well, and yet you have a wand back ready but we have not talked about the length you know slow products
  • 16:39: 105 105 mean we lay down on the shoulder of plus 42 plus 42 + 4 per fold plus 46 i hate to take away add to bear calculator from 105 take away something then and so do not know how our pattern is ready for us from the hip line, plus 46 centimeters more when we say weeping and sex
  • 17:09: a skid behind our nose we have three centimeters there is a center of transfer and a floor of skid center
  • 17:41: skid line These we no longer need them simply throw out very much in detail we with you today we have worked in great detail learn how to work in the system we have not will have no problems any what have we done by two centimeters
  • 18:16: deepened by one and a half expanded by 2 deepened and expanded by one and a half [applause] [applause] absolutely smooth even dishes me flat cloak who will still not so smooth sew a little waistline a little here is how I either here I do not have and not interested in the waist well and so less I do not agree with the product
  • 18:46: completely without tucking the brachium after all I do not want her to us, I sat like a sack this is not even that the deflated shoulder it's just just a little bit like this liberated shoulder and look our what did you begin to imagine as something comfortable in such a wide plastic sleeve and uncover it for next lesson I today we are very a lot of stuff very much you went through material so let's this time already as though I finish and wait the next video all the way
  • 19:16: Only we can become diverse if you need to fasten the frills and then their we will do this because we can not always walk in One and the same to us somehow it's not in fit do not know why on this say goodbye to you subscribe our channel our online store remind that we have these are absolutely and not unrealistic beautiful buttons appear in the online store is very chic and so stay tuned for everything good with you were we are the Faust of Wine
  • 19:46: mihaylovna our whole team [music]