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To feed a dog with a naturalka? - Rules and the list of the recommended products for drawing up a diet.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with by you I'm yuri girl candidate veterinary sciences and this video podcast consider the question of how make up optimal diet for a dog if you Feed and natural food dry food all whole lot easier is responsible for balanced ration takes over manufacturer yes it is in that case if you feed her feed not lower than super premium class or x leaves with regard to feeds lower class then these principles are not work with
  • 00:30: feeding pockets economy class the main criterion is the maximum security animal energy and other components for the minimum day and if something happens at such feeding will not so sooner or later such problems there is then this is adjusted when various preparations begin vitamins and finishing therapeutic treatment now we will consider approaches to compiling ration during feeding dogs natural pockets it is not it's so hard
  • 01:00: how much labor and so here are the main principles of which we must proceed above all follows remember that the dog predator and for long history domesticating a dog it's just some 10-15 thousand years it has only changed mentality and hormonal system digestive system as it was predator systems and remained nature carnivorous predators eat their prey entirely with the skin with an abundance of blood with
  • 01:30: contents of the stomach and intestines with small bones and large bone gnawing up to whiteness climbing all tendons and the cartilage is therefore the ideal diet of a dog in percentage ratio should approach what it consists of such as roe deer or hare is meat and by-products and bones and contents of the stomach and intestines in which contain and plant food is already digested enzymes in different degrees and set
  • 02:00: enzymes in wildlife all goes food and even wool caught animals eaten practically completely now it is clear from what products near tillya should consist of the ration of the dog is list of those products that should be included in composition of the ration of dogs this meat including offal fish marine lactic acid products of egg grits vegetables bread coarse grinding vegetable oil can be given also nuts and seeds but the latter is more is not so much
  • 02:30: part of the diet how much treats now let's go for a walk in more detail on each of these making up meat is the basis of the dog's diet and it should be there at least forty percent and even better if it is all 60 percent meat dogs should be given any animal species if there is such a possibility to include ration of different meat species including birds though chicken grown industrial conditions can be an allergy again is is selected
  • 03:00: empirically if you see that there is the allergy was removed from diet no feed further with regard to all products are not only meat desirable use food not only dogs soft clipping Aksu consecutively with tendons vessels with cartilage it's not only strengthen the jaws forcing the dog chew and chew on food and activates the work Total gastrointestinal tract meat and meat products are best 20 Rome, but you have to be their confident qualities
  • 03:30: for this, take meat only after type of control that is on the market by -products liver kidney brains scar it's also excellent whole protein source a number of vitamins and enzymes that there is only in court products and no pure meat products in the diet should be about 15 percent of of the general meat set well how mentioned salt 1 offal this is also a protein then theoretically possible replace meat with by-products, many and do though by-products energy
  • 04:01: values ​​and inferior pure meat but business not in this so you can only do it the economy cost of feeding but not better do as I do said if you allow your finance fish is also meat then there is this too high-quality protein food use better total marine fish in advance removing sharp bones if they they say that the fish Do not give dogs it's not quite true Harmful is not the fish a redundant its number in diet ration fish should be no more than
  • 04:31: than 30 percent fish it is necessary to give sea and desirable feed raw ya would not advised giving dog river fish nori doctor you can be dangerous and parasites it can be amazed opisthorchiasis destroy these but the parasites can only by boiling boiled fish is dangerous so that such a fish the dog can very easy to choke and to same casters you after cooking become very sharp and brittle shorter problems here more than good groups
  • 05:01: source of their carbohydrates share in the daily the diet should be between 20 and 40 percent is best use food dogs rice small river or oatmeal porridge periodically stands give and other cube and since their mineral composition somewhat different from the above and so you have the opportunity diversify food by essential component only remember the oats it is better not to cook a steam up boiling water and wait while it swells and the legumes will cool
  • 05:31: often causes bloating from tire some dogs weakens the feast of onions to digest everything 30 40 percent corn is best fed as cuttings for cooking cereals cereals should be cooked separately on water and already ready to mix with the rest components of a dish with regard to vegetables and fruits then their share in the daily ration should be from 20 to 30 percent vegetables are the source carbohydrate fiber and vitamins
  • 06:02: best of all and given Irene whole or rubbed on a small grater or in mixer so they are better are absorbed for better eating and digestibility is add to them vegetable oil can vegetables and steamed but with this is destroyed most vitamins follows about remember this better total combined ration that shona boiled and raw option and feeding plant food besides cooking and you can extinguish vegetables whole or large chunks
  • 06:32: and grind already right before filing on the table it allows save more Vitamin Potatoes should only be given in a cooked form is rare and in small quantities because it practically consists entirely of starch which dog's organism learn with great labor cabbage is best use sour or braised because fresh causes fermentation processes in the intestine fruits are fed both fresh and in dried but their give no more
  • 07:02: as a treat but also dogs with a huge pleasure the result is apples and pears are not only tasty and healthy but also helps clean teeth from dog raid also with pleasure relishes and dried fruits it is not worth giving citrus fruits and other exotic fruits also strawberries these goodies belong to the group allergens to give them You can, but again not so often and a little bit I would not recommended their give to dogs in general why is there no benefit? problems can be
  • 07:32: also do not need include in the diet dog aromatic greens such as cilantro and celery is best given dog scalded nettle dandelion or sprouted oats dairy and sour-milk products then source protein fats in part vitamins and minerals milk for adults dogs included in diet is not necessary because with air the dog stops absorb lactose and use whole milk can cause diarrhea adult dogs husband insult
  • 08:02: fermented milk product and brother kefir yogurt yurt bifida kefir and cottage cheese is not worth it be fond of fatty sour cream more than five percent and not need dogs give dairy products containing sugar and stuffed all kinds of fruit additives and flavors it various sweet yoghurt and circus and curds as for I'm from something this source protein and vitamins Chicken eggs are not more than one or two Once a week, you can give and quail
  • 08:32: eggs every other day one at a time and also antiquity eggs and especially quail very rich vitamins that is especially relevant puppy growth period pregnancy and mating males but not forget that I am from especially old ones provoke emergence allergies to protein a can and nothing call see for yourself for dogs of reaction that concerns seafood animal the origin of such like squid crabs mussels and the like then this is another
  • 09:02: source of valuable they are rich in protein iodine some dogs have them love others not in anyway, they can be sometimes give in small portions sea products vegetable origin of this sea ​​kale and other algae great source of vitamins and minerals first turn of the same iodine they are indispensable in autumn-winter period in the country seafood be careful though and rarely but on them too there is an allergy excess iodine is harmful all is well that in moderation vegetable oils better source
  • 09:32: irreplaceable amino acids can olive Corn under sony chicago and soybean oil Dogs fit any adding food vegetable oil not only useful but butter like most dogs by itself if the dog refuses from food that can be add food a tablespoon vegetable oil in order to properly nourish animal is not important only reasonably pick up a diet well, respect same mode feeding the dog should daily in specific time giving feed which
  • 10:02: would contain all necessary amount of fats and proteins carbohydrate vitamins and minerals ration should be taking into account at least general idea of calories products and energy needs organism of the dog for each breed of dog this is your data depends on dog temperament age of well, the size of course for example daily need of an adult dogs of large breeds in the stern is in the summer of two thousand and two thousands of hundred kilocalories in winter 2300 2500 kcal feed volume
  • 10:33: must fit the size of the dog naturally the volumes and and stomach and also abilities organism digest and assimilate forum cooked food should have correct consistency in not there should be no too liquid not too dry food for dogs usually are prepared in the form thick soup or liquid porridge though sometimes there are individual preferences there are dogs who refuse there is a thick or on the contrary liquid food in this case you should be found
  • 11:03: compromise volume daily ration depends on the density family food until thicker less should be her volume is considered to be that dogs do not needs to diverse nutrition quite enough choose correctly balanced diet and stick to it on throughout the dog life considering only age-related changes animal it is a pledge normal operation gastrointestinal stable condition and later and wool any sharp
  • 11:34: rationing contraindicated evidence correctness of what dog's ration compiled and prepared by it will be right physical state your dogs and her condition dog should be an average fatness keep a constant body mass cheerful and active accordance with its age if the dog grows thin means a form not enough if stiffened means feed but what ingredients of the diet must be fresh then I will not even be at
  • 12:04: accentuate this attention is and so it is clear that the maximum but that's all that concerns rational feeding dogs natural food and approach to compilation of ration a so far only you good health to you and your favorite subscribe to our channel and up to new meetings