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  • 00:00: [music] hello my dear subscribers and guests of my channel today will cook obligatory dish of the Easter table cottage cheese Easter it is prepared without eggs on condensed milk transgressing cooking [music] [music]
  • 00:36: for cooking you will need cottage cheese 1 kilogram softened butter 200 grams 400 grams of condensed milk 200 grams of sour cream 100 grams of candied fruits sugar to taste and one sachet of vanilla Sahara
  • 01:07: cottage cheese can be passed twice through grinder or rub through a sieve or blend with a blender since I'm going to whip that blender immediately connect all the ingredients except candied fruits [music]
  • 01:38: add the curd mass of the bitch you and stir
  • 02:08: [music] for the preparation of cottage cheese use a special form so I did last year when she was preparing I'm gonna make Easter cake today. use a new flower pot with holes I put the pot in the container because of the style you have a wet man for and in two layers to the edges hung down [music]
  • 02:38: spread the cottage cheese mass [music] after all close the Easter mari and put it on top Russian I go to the construction fridge for the night of the next day
  • 03:16: I take the Easter from the form [music] and then I decorate the Easter with ornaments from mastics and sweets [music] cottage cheese with condensed milk just an unusual decorate you can
  • 03:47: to your taste candied fruits and nuts and dried fruits or chocolate this Easter cottage cheese and raw if you want to make a custard then the reference to the preparation I put under this video is your pleasant appetite and good luck cooking all of your dishes subscribe to my channel put husky and always leave comments with you was I Julia Kovalchuk all the good and the good to the new culinary stream
  • 04:17: [music]