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  • 00:00: friends welcome recently emerged necessity take advantage puncher entrance and was that , from nowhere except as from a cartridge lightbulbs therefore decided quickly build an adapter just fit and burnt out bulb emissions from light bulbs all the giblets soldered to contacts cap one here another here here [music] giving basis sockets and connect the wires well and further
  • 00:36: glue the remains light bulbs for a thermal bath or Super glue [music] check all works so that You can go hole entrance softwood fairly wood species often appear various dents and so that you grind them will have to withdraw pretty decent layer However, there is more simple option small damage can be smooth out iron take a wet rag and well from
  • 01:07: guy dents thanks to this simple operation biased fiber returns to initial position and dents as never happened do nothing friends, I for a moment if you value your time and do not want to spend half a day on procurement of materials for repair then Petrovich is easy find from a large assortment instrument consumables building materials precisely choose what it is possible but the main thing if all this is required
  • 01:37: bring will unload and will bring to appointed time and you can pay for place by checking quality of goods think many are useful I leave the link in description to bunch more compact aesthetic appearance and additionally protect them from mechanical damages conveniently use here such plastic and spiral whip Well, that's because it's absolutely another thing we have in store of such
  • 02:08: saw therefore decided cut from plastic bottles for these purposes well suited here so super simple bottle-cutter in a bar made propyl and screwed on top blade from knife in as a holder for a bottle came to hand file we put one and a half quick loose on tape next tape spiral wound on a round timber suitable diameter and we settle over the gas or construction
  • 02:38: well, or what's there you have further finished plot shift do not do newcomer has not yet get the desired length it happens that it is necessary move angle with this perfectly copes malka but there is she far from everyone simply and quickly in In this case, you can To solve the task taking advantage of such as a piece cardboard glue them all to you that will fall under hand yes even a thermometer glue or scotch tape [music]
  • 03:13: I think many have such withered brushes smeared somewhere then forgot to wash and in the result next time need a new I will show a simple solution of this problem which is suitable for some small work volumes drill hole in clerical clamp and pens well, or some kind of shelves and twist them self-tapping well here actually and all further we pin a piece of foam rubber and
  • 03:44: you can paint when have completed discarded porcelain and in next time we put new and now I will show a simple suspension which I use when you need to steal any details curl 4 screw 2 with a little long distance to get inside one more screw in End of workpiece too we screw the screw in a hole from it
  • 04:14: then you can drip a drop paint and it will not be can be seen in this way you can twist twirl detail without fear that she would jump out of fastening for today it's all hope that found something for themselves it would be interesting great to know about this without comment do not forget see these two video of good luck and good