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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I want with you share how choose the right one quality cranes cranes for example this is gauges floor which I found myself in arms we are used to that one china time is very densely supplied us with with new screens already now many have grown wiser specifically for this leave threads that it was evident that this he is here yellow too from the inside you see
  • 00:30: what is it bronze it would seem everything qualitatively everything well but many people still some things do not know I will explain what exactly what is the chip here? it's kind of like it good other this tap is not it's okay I would not would recommend crane insert on there systems water supply or heating for air he would have gone heating system or It is not it will take him a long time will not serve why I explain there is
  • 01:00: these extremely koch in all such a ball is a ball which closes you know yourself ball valve manager of this ball turn it opens turn it closes so that's what managed to do Chinese unscrupulous manufacturers they make this ball out of usually black metal from above covered with a layer either chrome is it still
  • 01:32: some kind of over there cover at the end ends these balls begin to fumble and starts to rust rusts and then wedges in order to determine how much quality screen and what is the ball made of quite simply take a magnet but here I am on an example of such Magnetics here I have small magnet attaching I'll put it down there and as you can see, he does not falls out that is he stuck to the ball here in this extremely ball is not installed bronze is a tap and
  • 02:02: inexpensive in this price category same as this but food with bronze balls if you are yourself choose the tap then pay attention this the parameter itself it should be be sure bronze itself body but is reinforced there are as this I remember effort on this simple but here is this ball it plays noisy role 1 body to there was a bronze second
  • 02:32: the ball should also be he is not bronze must be magnetized the main options if it is not magnetized take the cock under the water because he is with you time will rust inside and at the end ends when boils and you then you will not be able to use over there you will get stuck and everything is so that if someone liked it put your thumb up subscribe to channel to all bye