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I will show in this video how it is possible to make a weightless, air floret of a zephyrous foamiran. Leaflets we will make \"a leaf of a rose\" on my new Molde. Petals quarrystone...  See details »



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  • 00:00: All greetings I am mastering the marshmallow chamber and I hasten to share with you the result here so fluffy roses I got and now we will make one flower together we will need Iranian background for greenery and zephyr for petals petals will take two sizes each of 15 pieces and a sepal circle toothpick and carve petals
  • 00:32: lay out on a landscape album sheet leaving gaps between them to not iron them together ironing switched on to the maximum temperature c both sides the longer we stroke Thinner are our petals not hurry to get them to give time to cool down paper and you frame and do until the sheet
  • 01:04: leaves Cut out rectangles from the green background by the size of the pier and the sponge Foamiran together with the sponge is heated and quickly transfer to the pier we press so how much forces and stands a table like this wonderful sheet we get all the veins of hurray were imprinted
  • 01:34: our petals get cold reminds me of my childhood and family modeling of pelmenki we process our petals heated and with the help of mold leave on print them You can use any universal though a hill for petals rose bud How do I use the slide in my opinion on appointment and I will show a little later
  • 02:08: tint the petals with sponge bed slightly more pressing on edge of the petal and with less our veins became even clearer and more noticeable for this flower I used
  • 02:55: toning in a different way toned before so that from sticking out that is ironing hammer-on petals purple tinted black pastel prepare sepals and cut out denticles foxes . this way toning
  • 04:02: As well as the petals of the leaves of tannir I stronger on the edge and a little bit on all the leaves of our veins are clear and leafy transformed formed petals small 9 pieces for the core twist or bend like this
  • 04:32: way small 6 pieces like this We form large petals since we want to twist the edges of the neck
  • 05:04: a little bit we will stretch all on yours discretion with the help of foil wire we make
  • 05:38: billet stock and alternately paste the first nine small petals it turns out at us a bud further we glue
  • 06:48: the first row is six small petals glue only one edge of the petal The last petal should be first strong second side since me need a flower on a flat base then
  • 07:23: the resulting leg I cut and overlap glue large petals I try and fasten everything with the help of hot glue
  • 07:55: attach sepals and our leaves
  • 08:48: If desired, the leaves can be varnished Overdone with varnish a little for toning green pastel everything will be corrected here such floral ornaments at me have turned out petals tonyusenkie toniusenkie flower just weightless do not be afraid experiment create and share
  • 09:19: beauty with others and if they will me questions or suggestions tips ideas just kind words please write I read them with pleasure I will always reply glad your heart and for today I wish everything you success in good mood and excellent weekend to new meetings so far
  • 09:51: till