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Cheap stone from the SELF-MADE FORM new idea - YouTube

Cheap stone from the SELF-MADE FORM new idea - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] [music] hello friends roses new promised pebble so briefly about instruments means at I was like this
  • 00:30: here's a bucket on five-liter is very comfortable pour can be mixed I did in this whether there will be in it very convenient to wash I'll become a steak with those on the walls where there will be leftover gypsum to drain then whether it is necessary that the bottle is all over crumbles inside throwing out the trash and you have a clean word it is yes that is very I advise everyone advise distributed a lot of plastic trowel is extremely important because she's here she is so rough
  • 01:00: surface it leaves such pattern pattern if take the Venetian by whom or something smooth then it will be simple smoothen an even field for them I'm with using a stretcher warrior simple sponges for washing dishes I distributed the paint that's what you are personally slow 60 centimeters I cut by the way if you I liked this idea but you do not have appropriate tool then everything necessary buy on the service and catalog of rollers
  • 01:30: spatula and baths for paint you will find on this and convenient search system selection filters save your time Here is such a spatula perfectly suited for cutting stone link in description be sure to put husky is mandatory write in the comments and subscribe of course on the channel this time I'm framed Little improve there is here see railing surfaces Hard is not dvp and it's principle will not
  • 02:00: to deform from moisture as it did dvp in any case not will be deform at once but all the same it coating should be somehow protect if i do frame and pour out there are not one or two there times to me is a long time at of the square of Example 10, then I think that all the same even this dvp dsp can while hacking from mages from here such here an oilcloth simply I will hide this vehicle
  • 02:35: The place of oilcloth can be use and all sorts of there are different films so but here I have I was lying at my fingertips it used except addition on thick enough then I can safely and with a trowel to feed him pluck or do not worry that something like something I I will damage if it was thin film that here so here it is very just nothing perimeter dsp
  • 03:05: I will trim this film that's all you can say work on the frame comes to an end what's left just screw us the sides so Aligned One Smooth little corner box is the most important thing exactly apply it
  • 03:36: not with washer twist than it is convenient box because see there is hole already drilled for self-tapping screws soon by the way 1 and 2 on 1 and 2 here is 120 millimeters on one or two millimeters here he is this the parties are still the same
  • 04:07: most along the edge of the very edge [music] all the frame is ready already this was more good-quality than the past it is durable and we can say that generally eternal that you here you can process
  • 04:37: replace port after multiple fills only this one here oilcloth is not good improved oilcloth around the perimeter cut off so she this was removable there is now we can take and take away if necessary and replace it in its place new more a slight correction in I am not amended advice every corner each distance y you should be very and very even this
  • 05:07: I will have a stone twenty four half a centimeter 9 and 2 centimeters 9 centimeters and two millimeter why such dimensions are Here is a piece of PCA was on the width that is I already do nothing could not that is how there is nothing terrible but why and why it should be snap to the exact equal values so be it spend longer time
  • 05:37: Here with this framework gave all the grooves I already have are cut out here that there are 9 and 2 millimeters and how do you know that the frame is smooth and ready for work then there is this here is any look at her the lid is removed here The lid is removed and yes This cover can be put in place any she will suit perfect , you see she came up without
  • 06:07: problems it speaks of the fact that we have a stone will be even on any level if the stone is smooth accordingly its good geometry and when docking with each other friend or with each other friend they will be evenly even lie to one another that the stone should be Stronger in this video I I will reinforce it I will not reinforce but yes, that's how it is wrote in the comments by the way thanks for advice I will not form grid that usually applied for plastering a
  • 06:37: fibrefiber fiberglass I also I will do it myself because in principle cheaply you can drive up to the store but I was there to unfortunately jumped out of I forgot to buy a head and here that there not come back great I will do it myself will of his polypropylene bags here are these so here piece and snapped look at him you you understand it cat's stones in which we often do like to store potatoes or buy what ejects construction garbage from the bag snapped
  • 07:08: part of this the part is like this movement gut the mark then there are separate fiber see principle, all is taken off quickly [music] we are all guys pretty quickly probably spend Well, see for yourself. that is, everything is easy all just disassemble and on fibers on
  • 07:38: constituent parts well I probably do not know it took me all my fault about all 7 seconds 30 to develop here such a large bag and everything is just fine working fiber [music] such is the mixture
  • 08:21: was distributed pretty good all spread a bit is necessary duplicate so that she fell into the sip all corners in all pores at the corners neatly spread a little is necessary duplicate all waiting for the drying out [music]
  • 08:53: see the fiber on surfaces up to goes up a bit let's immediately remove all superfluous [music]
  • 09:28: [music] in general, one can say drawing is ready yes not
  • 09:59: you must already have an Afghan behold smooth smooth maybe even here such here a little bit tops supply [music] Well, that's enough enough mockery further all spheres
  • 10:30: blue first time sodium is bound a rock Now we are working with fibroid so you can notice that she when it is removed to it spatula and she rises a little to the top and so if there are such sites here I have one a piece in principle, only
  • 11:00: once one piece he raised it you can remove it superfluous to cover up hide continue painting further large hollow sponge is simple like this one time is sponges such here see the porous structure and it will make this stone uneven and what is the whole in pimples that is, in principle
  • 11:33: such as there is in nature stones made 2 a few different places and in two kinds will be I'll show 1 and 2 and so USD first drawing I these are the tops of everything slightly pressed drowned and this I leave so more Roughly , look. vertices like those if very large the top you just by
  • 12:03: you are composing it stronger decreases in volume let's all be maximize fast then we night then and this stone is for you I'll show you what makes a tangle that is
  • 12:33: originally gypsum smooth and after passing the sponge he becomes such as boris so Well , more with them nothing of balance and
  • 13:03: Graces Babes [music] [music] [music]
  • 13:36: Well, fiber can be and probably leave can and cut any good can be wipe one buffalo so that's all these here irregularities flew off from him to me with this side is like
  • 14:06: listen to it natural gloss natural glossy stone clear glossy a stone is seen as he show you see what he is higher unexpectedly yes by the way, also an excuse to experiment Well Well here's a
  • 14:40: about but the turn comes painting so for we need this spongy dish such a cloth is not it is important which principle and all the composition we take on the sponge Our adhesive is passed through to all samples around to
  • 15:10: cup just now washed very wet so for now inconvenient to work until it absorbed itself paint here but I'm you I recommend taking dry painting is absolutely not make up the labor here there is nothing complicated not even I would say if you do not have the skills Well, either paint
  • 15:40: so here is something do not worry because what is unimportant here paint roller paint is much more complicated than stone that when you paint roller walls then some uniformity to this paint is not allowed somewhere in one place there were shades of one colors here on the contrary , they are us why do we need need a cloth to do more more than five so on
  • 16:11: this our stones if there are signs of sponge, too, flush and such you see principle and everything is not forget to go through the ends also like [music] [music]
  • 16:42: [music]
  • 17:27: he is very similar to stone which I laid out yesterday about yes but just now look at the invoice and y more so rough if this stone does not but commented I think so everyone is clear if this to a stone more or less flat then this well such is my silvery
  • 17:59: bring worse is better and please choose themselves for your taste and Color well as 1 and 2 stone in principle except the color is you some more differences in particular this because he is such a fabric all brilliantly it is varnish coated with varnish water did not add this lacquer konig this stone is covered too varnish but I diluted it with water and here's a look at difference is about this I many times wrote in
  • 18:29: comments that if do not dilute lacquer body of water will look like so tighten film so now you look, I know that some I like it personally this attitude mediocre itself would I did not do an example for myself I would do this here mo labor more or less a whip but the amateur will be even probably I wonder if even south alternate one stone to make matt second such common there are fibers
  • 18:59: fiber is necessary in order that the stone should be stronger fable I cut on two centimeters if do more stone of course it will be this is stronger than composition will be very bad for moves that is greater mobility of he will therefore I'm so optimal result 2 centimeter and so crash test see I now I will break it like this the child broke and here now across but I'll tell you so
  • 19:32: very, very , very it's hard to break it difference from previous that tonics was not the army tenacious and still worth notice that the stone I literally cast yesterday I do not know what there what kind of people set strength of gypsum here but the stone is fresh so much very very difficult and expel, although again I will say that I do not know for which all are chasing for the same quality directly others to it was impossible to polish this stone because when we are glue it on the wall I
  • 20:03: I do not know how you like it are not going to carry break from a blow draw upon it it is easy because that I'm hanging stone which does not reinforced at all this is the very first stone which I made there gypsum g6 50 percent of g6 was sand does not drink 50th exaggerating exactly 30 percent added sand so this one pocket and hanging from me four years and hanging in quality skirting that is there where the whip as such the most are subject to shock and
  • 20:34: normal flight The second test is It is worth this stone is here so that's how it will be hang on the facade, here I am I think it's much more important within Here it is this is more important carp me and remember about not the whole catalog necessary tool you will find there at the best price [music]