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  • 00:00: healthy dear visitors website or cry home point in the past we examined connection diagram through switches that You can manage lighting from two places in it I'll show video how collect a chart for management with three places draw such a scheme can be on except simple walk-through switches to us
  • 00:30: one more cross switch of such switches no longer 3 4 contact information two days off and two output when clicked on the key cross-cutting breaker occurs simultaneously and throwing two pairs of contacts with one chain to another so how are u cross-referenced breaker 4 contacts to connect to him respectively need four-core wire here she is me marked white
  • 01:00: red green and yellow I want to note that the cross switches must connect between flip-flops paired contacts through switch must connect to paired contacts cross and so we connect zero the wire feeding cable to me immediately connect to lamp
  • 01:30: phase conductor feeder wire on common contact through breaker then two wires who came out with through breaker connect with any pair of wires cross-cutting suppose here is the red
  • 02:02: with red green green then the remaining contact vapors crosswise breaker connect with a pair contacts through
  • 02:32: let's say green with white and red zolto and we still have a common contact of the first shutdown we connect it to lamp the whole scheme is assembled as
  • 03:29: see superfluous no wires left check sell there did not think coincided so that one of the conclude or is in switched on that is, the chains of us was collected now check the sleep counting included with any hand any switch the lamp turned on turn off another place for example medium lamp disconnected turn on
  • 03:59: this switch on here too it is possible disconnect it immediately averages too is included and turns off turn on by her husband on this all on this video is presented control circuit lighting from three seats to meetings of the following video lessons