The best GLAZE for EASTER CAKES without eggs! Does not burst, does not crumble and does not stick! fondants on gelatin  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] All greetings today I will show how to cook very beautiful and smooth icing for cakes without eggs, glaze is very good at cakes Does not crumble does not break and does not stick see see how good she is keeps your Easter basket with
  • 00:31: such Easter cakes will be the most beautiful and By the way, who is interested to see the recipe these fast in lazy can say I will leave the link for video in the description I will now cut the cake on top of the glaze is not at all The cakes are splendid and to prepare this wonderful
  • 01:02: sugar mains I need 150 gram of powdered sugar 5 grams of gelatin 30 milliliters of water for In order to fill gelatin also in third milliliters of water for sugar powder and a few drops of lemon juice or lime juice in the first place pour water gelatin I mix I use instant gelatin I leave gelatin swelling powdered sugar
  • 01:34: I pour the saucepan add water and I mix up to homogeneity and now I need to bring the mass to boiling warm up and all the time stirring the mass began to boil and I turned it off. powdered sugar in a bowl add a swollen
  • 02:04: gelatin mix well to dissolve gelatin and now my mass is good whisk the mixer until it becomes more lush and very white look like that me mass has already turned white now here I add a few drops
  • 02:34: lemon juice and keep beating Once you saw that the mass began thicken so the glaze is ready to whisk me approximately 45 minutes because of the glaze and freezes pretty quickly I prepared pan with hot water and top set the bowl with the glaze on pan and so the icing on me immediately
  • 03:05: very quickly will not set and I will be in time decorate all my cakes I take kulichik and put it directly into the glaze Here in this way and I have cake very evenly covered with glaze see how lovely immediately on top decorate different sprinkles I wish everyone a pleasant appetite write husks write
  • 03:35: comments and let's prepare for the light Easter holiday is the most beautiful and tasty Kulichi for now [music]