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How to make fish under marinade - it is tasty, easy, inexpensive. Master class!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello with you again alice and channel pantry home tricks and I'm glad see you on your own kitchen today i want tell you and show me how I cook fish for marinade beautiful summer in order to cook my fish under the marina
  • 00:32: there by brand recipe for us need it already fish already fried fish can be taken then here is suitable and stasu and mitai and in this case it is hitachi to take lean fish not greasy with white meat four for so I hear howling I do not like fish I hate fish to us add very useful product without fish do not live
  • 01:03: because there is contained full proteins to and calcium and phosphorus and so Further do not shout it is assimilated if slightly meat if I the variety is assimilated counting that fish in 23 hours and now and now affordable fish to this 1 and here from which we used to they turned away sang very
  • 01:34: purchased inexpensive and in principle eat and as a matter of fact fish dishes they tasty and if it is not art means she not properly cook So we have fish already fried fried in breaded in flour before as fry and I her I necessarily grease mayonnaise and it costs I have somewhere around hours and then polishing better keeps and taste of any
  • 02:04: is further improved further we will need 300 grams of milk 300 grams already rubbed salt sugar sunflower oil any vegetable oil 2 3 leaves laurel start water and tomato paste Also this gram 300 so
  • 02:37: you noticed with us very simple components of our dishes or gradients and feature of this fish such that here we are not use them vinegar not pepper and others spices only one cat bow abused feature and sugar sunflower oil then there is such a dish can eat and adults and children and now we proceed to ensure that the well needed free our fish
  • 03:07: from the bone but to the ear as the proves no bones so we are simple and separate but if you Are there any forests you have fillets you can then better probably if you take the elite but there are no bones The problem is that you there fillet can be much water lie that sit down here simply Here such here not the husband and
  • 03:38: photos about quite tasty
  • 04:09: under head and good banks do not it can be fried and syrki in karate boil let all that cause now we need
  • 04:39: to divide our fish even smaller pieces principle the Caucasian of this stream by itself split into pieces and shift to us now need our fish just then I would mud guy
  • 05:12: and so proceed to cooking marinade for our dig and for this we put on fire with
  • 05:42: money and pour oil must oil be a lot here The more oil the topics are in Basically that's better tastier and marinade will be back off bitch further overpayment it seems carrot
  • 06:15: we uk you cut it like this to you
  • 06:58: like the big crush it is not need last onion there
  • 07:29: now we look that at us carrot our carrot need periodically mix you can add more There was no oil continue the car
  • 08:02: now the forehead now shifting sliced half rings of onions but now the main a now the main
  • 08:33: and important and necessary salt put further there would be important our marinade must be left or sugar that is, this one here marina it tastes good it should be sweetish nititin
  • 09:03: alcohol still oil a repeat as I have said to plump up add a bit oil and now us it is necessary. jump into one of our marinades and
  • 09:33: just a little bit and now it's all stewed also to semi-preparedness populist rudeness periodically stirring now we need
  • 10:09: to prepare a fill for this we take tomato paste and bred and its water to consistency thick sour cream to consistency thick sour cream that is, someone I like that it was more fish to someone I like that it was more sea ​​on marinade there are no such here are some
  • 10:39: of certain proportions from every home kitchen themes and is different there is room here for creativity someone loves more someone is still someone is sharper photo sending this message therefore, we stir our tomato paste on consistency of sour cream so not forgetting when
  • 11:16: mixed with carrots but in general it is not dry it turns out but in principle still can come on but how else am I said she hated Do not hurt but will only tastier and now and now we pour onion mixture and
  • 11:48: our carrots team paint a dilapidated hatchway from walls of the captain all also mix but if it turns out
  • 12:18: dense but so here the principle it turns out dense you can still a little bit add water Yes Well, so that was not liquid because when it's liquid too it's not tasty but I think that like this already abound so now we need
  • 13:14: be sure try a pickle on the taste and need either saline either sucked I still need sugar. no need i already said that the sauce should not to be sour it must to be sweet sweet there even so sugar is so known highlights the taste
  • 13:44: any dish so do not be afraid put in any dish a little sugar and marinade is be sure in principle, you can even a little more water add this Here we are you are preparing today to the full
  • 14:16: do not need why you will understand yet later Try again that's basically and now do following We need to connect our fish with marinator do it just turn off the gas and simply
  • 14:47: we pour the marina battle saucepan so we mix here at this stage it is not necessary
  • 15:17: it that way, we set again but here for this to happen boiled together then when it will be ready it is necessary stir window fire may be average fire on the stove should be somewhere in the middle even you can just add in men with you are afraid after and has boiled that she at you are not burnt
  • 15:47: need to monitor as soon as boils, then we will then his mix and control the gas to it's all happened downstairs to the full blankets fasten the cervix I do not forget about laurel leaf now we can already add our laurel sheet to our marinade and so is our fish
  • 16:18: we boiled it carefully mix we reduce fire and we bring to readiness and so our fish under marinade but from a hot view goes there is no she should repeat after
  • 16:48: cool and need put in fridge and the next day you can enjoy fine taste fish marinated and I say goodbye to you you were alice and mine canal channel home-like tricks choose subscribe to my channel if you liked put like write a comment and also I invite
  • 17:18: you in our group vkontakte who are so and called the pantry home tricks but bye bye pleasant to you appetite and to new meetings