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  • 00:00: [music] doll herbalist this is a health and for that to make and We will need it a few scraps square light a flap for the head and will be whole-cut pens so here's a round you here for the skirt about 30 centimeters in Diameter 2 squares where it is 10 by 10
  • 00:31: centimeters 12 centimeters it will be chest and there will be chest dolls will be needed also to us косыночка apron is essentially for pda and again square small your way to the nods which also there will be grass the healing will be needed more ribbons then
  • 01:01: the campaign is necessary choose which more suitable for our purchase under mood you need a sintepon or silicone or cotton wool that is, some kind of filler in the spring Of course, grass medicinal it is necessary to mix all through therefore can be lemon balm lemon peppermint lavender here is a chamomile
  • 01:33: linden then there are 7 drops medicinal miss separately to some odorous the grasses were like mint or lavender the doll must exude pleasant aroma dolls and start make a head take light square in center we put such dense bead filler and we twist a string
  • 02:04: In the way that choose wherever the doll's face there were fewer wrinkles on this site of this the parties are annoying folds like this way and around the neck we wind with a thread wrapped the neck and need a thread knot a bow and knot on this nodule already
  • 02:34: you can guess wishes for that person to whom you do this doll that he was healthy it turned out a ruffle from him separate the two opposite angles and from them we form handles our either to a witch doctor for this we turn so here's the cover slices inwards and
  • 03:06: we also turn corners add up it's all horrible and wrapping around was daughter you can work contrasting thread red for example red color a shore is considered this way here highlight the palm pupae can be leave the ends We will later
  • 03:36: bind the nodules to the turnover is still they do not just go the same way do the most with reverse side check that handles we were the same length on both sides further we make a breast for this we take two square flap and two marbles filler make them smaller in size
  • 04:08: than the head of a doll of course but nevertheless the chest should be magnificent after all, this is ours woman witch doctor herb she must she radiates health and here we do such a nodule between by yourself expensive we try to make breasts
  • 04:43: happened of the same size both halves put together then imagine the chest under the neck of the future dolls pens are trying do not take it and that's it. so frankness and
  • 05:14: reel in is necessary between the breasts like this here's a cross in the cross to make it coastal cross on breasts in any mutant and around the waist tight bind straightened it out it is still necessary Let us put off this is our skirt round flap necessary at the edge
  • 05:46: thread very dense thread and because we will pulls together that she then did not tear we turn the edge and we are sewing it out large even stitches so on centimeter method forward needle stitch in a circle completely when you begged to the end pull you together it turns out like this a pouch with a neat here we will
  • 06:19: put trauma I have such cunning to the grass did not wake up through to I take a layer filler on it laying grass I collect a few piles lump and all this I send the bag in this way also skirt
  • 06:51: it turns out soft round nice to hold a bitch Well, here's inside we place the trunk dolls all that are lower others we hide there inside and well needed so all this was bullied cause and tighten thread after it with pull on Nodule if you are good stole
  • 07:23: tied it hard on him Virgil Atzilut must and tie a knot with herbs for this we take two more military small scraps and you can also using filler to Nodules were also round beautiful and carefully poured here grass squadron
  • 07:58: balls of a knot I collect we take a thread again we wind tightly knots and tie hooks one of his cheeks also the lodge is enough for a day headdress criminal world you
  • 08:28: you can compose yourself some sketch handkerchief of the lower grooves upper handkerchief neck around the river behind su like grandmothers love to wear good in dreams a it turned out so she does not grab more carcass the map is already white [music]
  • 09:02: at the top I thread and then forward the needle around the waist circles and reel and you need a sand necessary experiment how do you want want to ribbon and bowing so that usually use for bottles what more like here is my
  • 09:33: grandmother is ready avatar healer, be are healthy