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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends with you again bearded in main channel fast and tasty where I am I 'm telling the show simple recipes delicious food and today we are preparing good old pea porridge that is, cook peas to Unfortunately this recipe from our everyday life gone for some reason, we we see less and less less like mine my parents are children very often cooked this dish today my wife unfortunately does not cook at all but I
  • 00:30: sometimes by you and today I'll tell you how it's done here such is my pea halves now he the usual this kind of in order to weld it to us will need actually the pea itself here it is salt water plain water spring itself I go My armor armor I
  • 01:01: I love mountains of fried onion this is not at all common sure but I fry onion and add it to the peas you want add want to finger is your business I I add because I like it so now I will be all show now I will tell everything watch hands here just so delicious The thing is not the father brought from zhara pager room
  • 01:31: physics by the way I am passing hello to him using the case with you now let's continue comrades attack perhaps in general cooking peas like all My recipes are i show you can see I can see the park peas is not what there is a wise which require higher education here I have 2 glasses peas I pour them out
  • 02:02: and now it's peas must be rinsed he is pretty dirty dusty naturally laid wash this one out few nuances which you need observe include a cold water is like this washed in general then it's like a pie so I showed you process is one and that
  • 02:33: and cook peas and the neck is better enticing the second nuance peas better soak my do not soak like in the case of pearl barley I say so desirable if you have time like peas you wash in water and somewhere around the clock sleep 5 leave
  • 03:05: soak it slightly swollen you will gain brewed faster preferably every hour of these five hours water on peas changes so that she does not write down so it will be tastier but I I do not soak it cook and without any soaked simply you get a little longer if soaked for five o'clock peas brewed 30 minutes then peas without soaking cook about 50 minutes
  • 03:36: in general, we are not complicated Wait 50 minutes so I'll show you how his cook means so pea washed like you saw I had two a glass of peas but two glasses of peas add six seconds half cups invested that is, for each a glass of peas 3 glasses of water and more bit it on 4 5 6
  • 04:06: half not sufficed nothing here terrible will not happen we do not solim mountains Solim and its end when almost fell and started fall apart like this here is the form of closing lid put on fire now I will be all on shelves
  • 04:37: I will spread everything out show why such product as peas are gone modern steels for me is quite large secret although such a valuable useful product in a bunch of protein a bunch of different vitamins of various microelements and antioxidants and
  • 05:07: everything else plus he is very delicious do not know why modern mistress of it is not probably do not know how to him approach can be I'm afraid that you are cooking it can take very long be afraid that there will be gases then the belly walks this way the belief that those who sings peas will be then long and loudly fart at me so it's just great
  • 05:40: for example, which have a lot of gas Turkmenistan is not an example any there norway are proud this number of eyes so that if you have belly believe his own Gazprom on a small my wonderful but this so lyrical retreat in general what did I do put quite still a big fire casserole with peas now when the peas
  • 06:13: boil but if I go to small and will cook about within 5 10 minutes can be 1 hour depends on what sort of comes peas here is an important detail it is necessary remove the foam so that peas turned out clean not contaminated yellow color foam you can definitely remove if the foam does not remove the principle is you can taste from but it will not change peas as a rule
  • 06:44: we get serm and it is ugly therefore when it boils we will remove the foam I you will all be show by the way friends who are afraid I do not know how this is politically correct say shorter top afraid of loud fart on those I recommend use peas together with fresh greens parsley and dill she gasses neutralizes dirty tricks will be smaller but in principle of these
  • 07:15: gaseous properties of peas sown in my opinion exaggerated at me for example it is not very strongly act and so here I will be fry onions while the peas are boiled there now probably soon boil this bow I rule after cooking peas I add there he gives an unforgettable
  • 07:46: extraordinary taste and plus pea butter it hurts like this watch hands further and what about us here so the peas about to boil that's the beginning formed the perk which you I say it is necessary lift here on taking pictures This foam I just added a half cup excess water at
  • 08:17: remove pink when unchecked foam water and from here I will clean up a little so it's generally prescription 1 glass peas are added 3 a glass of water I add 3 a little while now he's already boiled now translate to small fire sort out close cover and let in
  • 08:49: Alexey in the process of cooking preferably all here this is foam clean now she I will also have more and I'll clean up I have a friend rocking bear greetings to you if suddenly you are more watch me certainly unlikely but suddenly this one here my friend is a jerk somewhere probably for 4 or
  • 09:19: probably in four seconds half a year from full of drishes has simply turned into schwarznegger here by the way boils pretty can run hard put on the most slow fire which is possible occasionally stir in the foam remove such here way and so he everyday
  • 09:52: obligatory or on tomorrow in front of for lunch or for dinner there is some beans or peas or lentils or beans or even there some special pieces of kochkovski here on this he grew up quite seriously now he is already so noble roll I even scary sometimes with him argue but I still argue like this
  • 10:22: block was fried and his disable roads continues to boil a pen he has already stopped allocate somewhere I I think it says 30 more minutes so friends my peas are boiled here within 30 minutes already I still have him it takes about 20 minutes
  • 10:53: you can now try out he prepared what degree readiness to try absinthe I think it is already half You can weld add salt as a little bit the salt was prevented
  • 11:25: it is not stands out to watch especially it is not necessary but the truth is he can Escape if you have the fire will be strong so put on the smallest like me spoke fire which you have close with lid can calmly engage in their cases for another 20 minutes and so on. what do we mean as I said after
  • 11:56: boiling point 50 minutes have passed in Generally I tried the rock is already ready it turned out like this porridge now she pretty liquid when she puts it will harden it's better to eat with heat while she's like this same croquet is much tastier now means add the onion here
  • 12:26: together with oil if onions do not add can simply butter add, I add the bow is already there sunflower oil by this we are peas some olives are not I know how to say porridge You can not spoil the oil More shortly here so here all peas are ready to turn off
  • 12:57: Fire now proceed as usual to tasting is not switch well finally came that an hour of joy for I smell all very tasty now we will taste because I'm enough next I have here there are such
  • 13:27: hedgehogs wife cooked Thank you favorite they are very tasty as once per hand will go to now with peas perfectly combined live meat especially pork that's how I like you spoke a little greens to pour in less fart and now we will to try and so now we'll see
  • 13:58: tasty something that I whether or not you prepared of course say that I always say that yummy that beef but I try to be objective if it is they are all delicious I now right with you threw it all into rubbish but I hope This does not happen in common for delicious dinner we need bread kefirchik Well this is what I am prepared peas here such a chopper
  • 14:28: wire cutlets are ready my wife is not me sample greens I will tell you comrades that the garbage tonight will remain empty because it's all very tasty it's all just great
  • 15:02: breathtakingly it is necessary to drink in awesome penny so that's it for everyone pleasant appetite I'll have supper and you try it cook it all say goodbye to you
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