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  • 00:00: hello friends good welcome 3 years old my name is oxana i certified personal trainer nutritionist and healthy image life I 'm sure that for majority and us the day passes by and This is generally how illness of our century because we work for computer and little who of us stands on legs all day at machine tools and few of them we are taken at all because basically our work is such for computers this actually affect our health is simple it's terrible to start Our life does this
  • 00:31: we are thicker than this worsens our health in general long sitting alone disadvantages if you sit more than six hours then risk your death within the next 15 years increases by 40 percent is not jokes are and honestly so I suggest you are not big stretching which you can do anywhere in toilet but that you can interrupt this vicious circle information and force your body a little bit
  • 01:02: move because that you have blue blood stagnates in the legs you do not move hips all this becomes tight fixed and it's no way does not make us health and especially it can not be called in a healthy way life therefore stretching which I now I will show simply literally in five minutes and you can do as much as I do very much said so let's go first I would like to recommend you put the tank on
  • 01:32: our phone market yourself once a hour to get up and do these exercises if you are afraid that one of your colleagues think that you have some problems with the wind is very be alive and healthy than think about something may think Colleagues if your alarm clock rang you got up first thing you need resemble a little be like if you I have an opportunity you can go down On the stairs anywhere staircase and if you have a large building then you can go for example to toilet on the other
  • 02:02: floor if possible and so that is the first business should be like and so on if you found a place can in the corridor or somewhere where not very many people where you are you can do small stretches and now the first thing you take and reach out to this side though this traffic cartoons reminds our city but this one we stretch and now Put your hands on your back and stretch out and let's do this dynamic exercise to force a case to come to life a little bit
  • 02:33: repeat it all only a few times feel it exercise because she is very very it is especially it is necessary to do this exercise back because it opens your chest and we are usually for computer center think next exercise we will have shoulders we break up simply make huge circles shoulders after you submit that your shoulders can increase and you do you almost feel like chest
  • 03:03: is disclosed and the blade fell off big-big back and also do large large exercise or circles forward now on divide 1 by screwdriver we will start its oils and help these other with your hand a little elbow open back simply this is part of us we are stretched a bit feel stretching is not and an excellent hand to save from them and how can we more
  • 03:33: we help with this hand liveliness and if you want you can dance in this time okey and the other hand because if you have I have an opportunity make a small calyx why then do not raise or mood with some kind of music if you have headphones time to wear headphones it will be super rhythmic music too I make this cool stretching there you feel like
  • 04:04: you are stretched here and not super just drank Hands now we will embrace ourselves this hand on the shoulder take the other hand for this elbow and youth look the opposite side all the time push one's shoulder to the other aside very very nice stretching around you I not with a spin and now make the opposite thing every stretch you need
  • 04:35: go and do from 10 to 30 seconds I usually do feeling so that with time get used to it sensation of catching super shook off of course you need make small topic notation turn and because we are always in one position and now you can click help see first I started me she did not stand still and do not
  • 05:05: moving it's very small Rotation is obtained and now we are increasing help him severing from the air sex and turn around and exactly the same call it hands it will help even more turn the body very pleasant stretching especially if you sat up days not to do the head will spin again one exercise 1
  • 05:43: birth if you have there is a wall can run or just by rise to fingers so that your bottom part of your calf 's legs also remembered that inanimate need to sleep like you You can even develop many make it in the first position that is wide
  • 06:13: even more interesting and it will be more useful make them different wick and so last stretch if you have a wall use the wall break through and hands on wall wide 90 and bend over forward and you you feel like you are pulled for calves the leg that behind and if not then you just as you can even either at the table or just imagine what do you have and put back and
  • 06:43: shift cost a little bit forward and you feel how stretches at the feet of what knowledge is not even necessary to change but I think what are you doing these sprouts the eastern wall is needed little bit more increase this stretching although if you learn to do with by the wall of the abbey wall will how to do easily in Kevin's house exercises that it is worth doing at least 1 hour in order revitalize your body for
  • 07:14: seating The work did not kill us because why then we work if she killing you right so I hope that you take yourself to armament I wish you an excellent days to more activity and not forget to smile so it inspires and make a difference more positive and if you like this stretching be sure subscribe to my channel because here you will find only full training sessions
  • 07:44: but recommendations on nutrition and healthy lifestyle and also do not forget to visit our dreambodyclub our online movie scud because there you are find everything training all stretch marks without ads without too much chatter and also you can imagine make a call see you at the club same video for now